Horia Victor M.Horia Victor M.

Horia Victor M.



Redhill, N7

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Aug 1, 2019

Please give a brief outline of your magical, pagan or ritual experiences (if any)?

I have an eclectic magick practice. Currently I work with guides, have worked with a deity and my rituals have been solitary, using sigils, tarot, pendulum, candles, poetry or text.

What do you hope to gain by coming to our events?

I have been quite solitary in my practice so far and I think a magickal community would be great. I want to make friends with other people who do magick, learn more about paganism and integrate nature more into my practice.

If you are joining for purpose of research/Recruitment, ie Media/ Journalism/ Student/ setting your own groups etc, please explain.

I joining for myself