Amirah F.Amirah F.

Amirah F.



London, 17

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Jun 27, 2019

Please give a brief outline of your magical, pagan or ritual experiences (if any)?

I study esotericism and mysticism. I am a very spiritual person. I have always had a very strong psychic sense since I was a child. I have had a lot of spiritual and magical experiences. I was adopted by an evil black magician and I had to understand a lot about the many aspects of magic. I have knowledge of who my biological father is but I still have encountered obstacles in meeting him. I generally have had a lot of challenges snd obstacles throughout my life and for that reason I am determined to become a Wicca priestess in the future. At the moment I want to find out more about Wicca and how to start. I currently own magic books but I will like to know that the first steps in being an occult practitioner

What do you hope to gain by coming to our events?

A deeper level of understanding about Wicca rituals, rites and the steps I take to be a practicioner. I would also like to advance my career prospects and build a better life for myself and others.

If you are joining for purpose of research/Recruitment, ie Media/ Journalism/ Student/ setting your own groups etc, please explain.