Past Meetup

Project Nashorn Hackday (Javascript on the JVM for Java 8)


Java 8 introduces a new Javascript engine called Nashorn. Based on the
new InvokeDynamic technology, Nashorn is fully integrated, allowing
the full power of the JVM to be used on Javascript apps.

With Nashorn, you will be able to:

* Embed JavaScript into your Java apps to create effective JavaScript
* Call Java from Javascript & Javascript from Java
* Benefit from JIT compilation of Javascript

The HackDay will kick off with a short presentation to introduce
Nashorn & set the stage.

During the main part of the hackday, you will work in teams to:

* Build Nashorn on OpenJDK 8 (or use a pre-built VM)
* Run off-the-shelf JavaScript libraries for templates, source minification etc.
* Benchmark and compare the same code to the Mozilla Rhino interpreter
* Document your experiences on a wiki to help others get started with Nashorn
* Upload your code & tests to a github for others to use

Please bring your laptop with you.

The number of places is limited. So if you confirmed attending and
your circumstances changed please update your status.

Organizers Bios

Ben Evans is the CEO of jClarity, a startup which delivers performance
tools to help development & ops teams. He is an organizer for the LJC
and a member of the JCP Executive Committee, helping define standards
for the Java ecosystem. He is a Java Champion & co-author of “The
Well-Grounded Java Developer”.

Attila Szegedi is an engineer from the Nashorn team at Oracle. Prior
to Oracle, he worked at Twitter & was their representative on the JCP
Executive Committee. Attila is the author of DynaLink - a dynamic
linkage package for JVM languages.

Ben Summers is the Technical Director of ONEIS. He designs and
develops the ONEIS Platform, a hosted information management system
extensible with server-side JavaScript plugins.

Simon Maple is the Technical Evangelist for ZeroTurnaround and an
associate member of the LJC as well as the LJC JCP EC committee.
Previously he worked as a developer and tester for IBM.