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Hack the Tower and Adopt Openjdk - LJC March 2014 hack day


A hack day for any and all developers to come and collaborate on projects or simply discover new technologies together and enhance their skills. Bring your laptop and your desire to learn and have fun!

Whether you want to build Java, Groovy, Scala, or Clojure apps, experiment with OpenJDK 8, get to grips with Git & Github, deploy apps with Heroku, try out one of the NoSQL databases like MongoDB or Neo4j or make some some robots dance, there are plenty of interesting things to work on.

This month we are also co-hosting the Adopt Openjdk ( hackday.

Come hack on the Java implementation that you use everyday!

* Improved OpenJDK ( test coverage
* OpenJDK Warnings cleanup
* Small Bugs Fixes
* The betterrev ( project

If you're not familiar with the openjdk ( codebase there will be people there to help you get started, including some from IBM who work on OpenJDK professionally.

Please note the Salesforce offices in London are now in the Heron Tower (where parts of Series 3 of Sherlock Homes were filmed)

Based in the city of London near main transport links, its a great chance to discovering how to get the most out of new technology and practices. Working together helps developers tackle technical challenges and techniques that are common regardless of language (github pull requests, using NoSQL data source, managing deployment, etc). Working together also helps draw from each others experiences and get more done. (

Rough Schedule
You can get into the offices from 9.30am onwards and have some breakfast and coffee, relax and take in the stunning view from the 26th floor of the Heron Tower.

10.30am - Get together and discuss application ideas & things you want to try out.
10.45am - Split into groups and get going
1pm - Lunch time (sandwiches, quiche, fruit and drinks provided, requests taken)
1.30pm onwards - Keep on hacking until you have had enough or want to go to the pub!

Sign up
Please include your your full name so I can organise a visitor pass for Heron Tower.

In total, there is space for around 50 developers on the day. Food & drink will be provided, thanks to our hosts

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