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We are pleased to bring you the eighth event of the Docklands.LJC (; a group within the main London Java Community that focuses on the developer community in and around Docklands on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Our speakers this month are Akmal Chaudhri and Christos Erotocritou. Please note the location for this event as it is in a different location from the previous one. As the spaces are limited places will be preferentially allocated to those who have attended previously and first-timers; those with a low attendance record may be removed.

Akmal Chaudhri - Selecting a NoSQL database from a menu of over 200 products

Today, there are thought to be over 200 commercial and open source NoSQL database products. Often, these products are divided into four broad categories: key-value stores, column stores, document stores and graph stores. Increasingly, some products are combining several of these categories together into what are called multi-model database systems.

Whilst the market for NoSQL database systems today is still very small and thought to be around 2% of the SQL market, the technology has attracted interest from organizations looking to solve new business problems. However, since it is still an emerging technology, careful consideration is required in finding the relevant developer skills and choosing the right product.

This presentation will discuss these issues in greater detail. In particular, it will focus on some of the leading NoSQL database products and discuss their architectures and suitability for different problems. Java code examples will be used to demonstrate Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) operations for several leading NoSQL database products.

Christos Erotocritou - Introducing Apache Ignite

Apache Ignite is a high-performance, integrated and distributed in-memory platform for computing and transacting on large-scale data sets in real-time, orders of magnitude faster than possible with traditional disk-based or flash technologies.

During this session you’ll learn about the Apache Ignite project and how it is used to solve some of the most demanding scalability and performance challenges. We will cover a few typical use cases and work through some examples.

Who should attend

Anyone who is interested in Java or JVM based technologies, whether in the Docklands or further afield, is welcome to attend.


Akmal Chaudhri ( is an Independent Consultant, specializing in Big Data, NoSQL and NewSQL database technologies. He has previously held roles as a developer, consultant, product strategist and technical trainer with several Blue-Chip companies and Big Data startups. He has regularly presented at many international conferences and served on the program committees for a number of major conferences and workshops.

He has published and presented on emerging technologies and edited or co-edited 10 books. He is now learning about Apache Spark and also how to become a Data Scientist. He holds a BSc (1st Class Hons.) in Computing and Information Systems, MSc in Business Systems Analysis and Design and a PhD in Computer Science. He is a Member of the British Computer Society (MBCS) and a Chartered IT Professional (CITP).

Christos Erotocritou ( comes from a software engineering background, currently working as solutions architect with a passion and dedication for solving complex problems and finding new ways to use technology. He has worked for a number of software companies specialising in high-performance in-memory computing and have hands-on experience with a broad spectrum of technologies.

His key areas of expertise include In-memory computing, data grids, distributed systems, NoSQL, cloud applications & orchestration, service automation, DevOps, IoT, Middleware, Highly-Scalable Systems, Continuous Integration, Ultra-Low-latency Systems, Raspberry Pi, Arduino.

Please note

Your full name is required in order to attend. If your username is not your full name, please add it when registering, otherwise you will be removed from the event.

Arrive from 18:20, talks will begin promptly at 18:30. Attendees arriving after 18:40 will not be admitted.

Nearest coffee shop – Café Brera, One Canada Square, Cabot Place, if you arrive early.

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