Health Starts in Your Mouth: Biohacking & Functional Medicine meets dentistry

London Health Optimisation Biohacker Social Circle
London Health Optimisation Biohacker Social Circle
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Building 4, 2 Old Street Yard (exit 3 from Old Street station) · London

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11am, 2nd February 2019: Health Optimisation Biohacker London Meetup

Theme of the month:
Health Starts in your Mouth: The Biohacking & Functional Medicine Approach to Dentistry. With Expert Panel and Q&A!

(Hint: Biological Dentistry isn't about Teeth, it's about clearing Chronic health issues via 'hidden' infections in the mouth. BOOM).
...with some top oral optimisation hacks you can start using immediately.

As you know, functional medicine, biohacking and dental & oral optimisation are 3 things that are super important to me, and I talk frequently on Podcasts and on stage about them. Well, this meet up is about them all combined.

⭐️I'm sure you'll find out some REALLY COOL HACKS to turbo-charge your healing⭐️

Not only will we have around 150 UK based Biohackers to hangout with, chat, socialise (and make new friends) and talk biohacks, we have:

☕️Bulletproof Coffee
🍄Mushroom Nootropic Coffee
🥤Biohacking Smoothies
(by Tim Cook @ Optimised AF Smoothie Co)

✅PLUS some awesome brands,
👉🏼Including QuickSilver Scientific (By Dr Christopher Shade)
👉🏼Dr Hisham's Holistic Dental Care
👉🏼Pure Raw Natural Coconut Health
👉🏼Fasting+ Fasting Fuel
(and a giveaway of goodies too!)

Also we've also got a real treat with 3 experts for a panel and Q&A on Biological Dentistry & Functional Medicine.

Dr Dominik Nischwitz is now the worlds-leading authority in Biological Dentistry, a Naturopathic Doctor, a world specialist in ceramic implants and the President of the International Society of Metal-free Implantology (ISMI). He is also the driving force behind the term "Biological Dentistry" too!

With his father, Dr. Nischwitz co-founded DNA Health and Aesthetics Center for Biological Dentistry in Tubingen, Germany in 2015 and has exclusively used ceramic implants since 2013 (because they're more bio-compatible than metal implants), placing more than 3000 to date!

A pioneer in the field of holistic odontology, Dr. Nischwitz regularly gives lectures, and trains traditional dentists in biological dentistry around the world, and believes that all health starts in the mouth (like I do!).

He mentored by the best, including Dr Klinghardt himself, and has written a book (that took Germany by storm, and is on pre-order on Amazon in the UK) "It's all in your Mouth" by Dr Dominik Nischwitz.

Dr Dome is flying from Stuttgart especially, and will give an amazing 30 minute talk on how "Functional Medicine for the Mouth" and how Biological Dentistry isn't about teeth...

After the talk, we'll have a 30 minute expert panel, with Q&A so you can ask the experts anything you like!

⚠️The panel consists of: ⚠️
🦷A Harley Street Biological Dentist: Goran, from NDU Clinic.
🦷Our very own expert Holistic Dentist Kathrin Huzzleman, from London (and Spain).
🦷Dr Dominik Nischwitz
🧬and Me, Tim Gray as the moderator

NDU Clinic have kindly offered to discount a full panoramic dental scan for £25 instead of £75. This way any one that wants to have their scan looked at on the day, can!

Call NDU Clinic on[masked] to book, and quote "Biohacker London Tim's Discount" -

👉🏼Lets hang out with like-minded people into, biohacking and health optimisation!
👉🏼Chat about biohacking and share tips
👉🏼Get Bulletproof Coffee on tap
👉🏼Have Nootropic Mushroom Coffee
👉🏼Enjoy Biohacker Friendly Smoothies by
👉🏼Listen to Dr Dome, and hang with the Expert Panel
👉🏼Try some Biohacking samples from awesome brands!

We're meeting in our regular home, courtesy of our good friends at BrainLabs Digital.
Building 4,
2 Old Street Yard, (exit 3 from Old Street station),
London EC1Y 2BP

It's 30 metres from exit 3 Old Street Tube (right behind Passo restaurant) - someone will be in reception to see you upstairs.

More info here:

Please be in Main Reception by 11am

See you soon guys!