What we're about

Hi, I'm Emporiyha a DJ and Music Producer. I am looking to start an empire with DJs/Producers who are SERIOUS about their career. That means you are gigging In London or constantly trying to find ways to gig. That means you also create your own music and have released or are ready to release some singles.

I own my own record label and made an income from my music alone. I see it is possible to make money from music prior to what people believe and would like to sign your electronic music to the label (if it is up to standard).


We will

1. Support each other at gigs and events the others are playing at, network with each other

2. Share information on music promoters we know so we can all get opportunities!

3. I will start hosting events so we can showcase our music at these events

3.Jamming sessions to teach learn new techniques

I really want this to be a supportive community where we can all become successful DJs and Producers and make a living of off it!

Past events (3)

Solaris new moon party

The Rocksteady

Pre-Valentines Party! (gig opportunity)

The Haggerston

Jamming session with industry DJ equipment

North Greenwich Tube Station

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