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I am in my very early 60s and had a successful career and a family. Very vibrant and the thought of going to a "senior center" is very unpalatable; in fact, most of the people I know are much younger than myself. But as life transitions, so too do we and I find myself isolated, lonely and without much of a support system...and I honestly can't exactly figure out what happened. I am educated, interesting and reasonably friendly, raised three children, but now for one reason or another, suddenly I am also very lonely. Simply put I would like to create a group where "normal" people who have found themselves now socially isolated and in similar circumstances as myself are looking to create friendships and a support system; just someone you can call, can count on for a sympathetic ear or just spend a few hours with. This is all new to me too...so don't be shy in contacting me if you feel you may be a kindred spirit. We can meet as a group and just discuss what we are all looking for and hoping to find and if even one friend comes of it, I figure we are all way ahead of the game. Age really doesn't matter...good people come in all decades. Send me a note...I will respond and we can chat a little via chat on here or email and see what might work best in terms of scheduling our first meetup. I am just the organizer taking the first step...help and input would be most welcome

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