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Hello all! This group is about getting together and being in action within the realm of urban farming/gardening. As we all know, organic food is sometimes scarse in certain areas. I feel like it is time to take the initiative and lead the charge from the front.

We have very, very little time and resources left on this planet. If we are to survive as a species let alone a society we must begin to research and implement the most sustainable and fertile techniques in to our agricultural systems and also get more people involved in growing their own food. We have less than 40 years of usable, farmable soil left on this planet. Over 80% of our crops go to feeding lifestock that only gives us back 8% of the food we eat... This is not sustainable nor exceptable. It is time for us to come together as a community and together we can begin growing our own food, teaching future generations and those willing to learn. Nobody is "coming to save us", it is up to us to stand up and do something about the future disaster which will be upon us faster than anyone realizes... famine will be a real threat in the very near future and I refuse to be one of the people who suffers from it.

I will not wait till that point to take action, we can begin building the infrastructure needed today! Together we will acquire land within the city, get a solid food production system going and then replicate it as far as we can take it on as many pieces of land as we can. The time is now and if you are reading this then you have felt the calling as I have. Let's break ground and teach people that it is not only possible to grow your own produce, it is easy, fun and therapeutic. Not to mention all of the carbon footprints we will begin to eliminate! This is more than about growing vegatables, this is a movement and a shift in perception. This is revolution. This is evolution.

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