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We meet and discuss using the Law of Attraction: living life in a positive way.
An aspect of the Law of Attraction (based on Esther Hicks/Abraham) is presented and discussed; we discuss how the LOA has helped us obtain goals in our lives, and ask for support re: how to use the LOA to do this. And we have lots of fun! Come join us!

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Are you a follower of Abraham-Hicks? Or have you heard about the Law of Attraction but have never really understood what it is and why so many people are talking about it? Whether you are a seasoned LOA practitioner, or someone just beginning to understand the power of your mind and emotions, you are welcome to join us! The LAW OF ATTRACTION means that YOU can attract to you whatever you want to manifest in your life. We all help each other with that in this group.

In our meetings you will learn how to apply Law of Attraction principles to create more joyful life experiences. We will use processes from the Abraham book, Ask and it is Given, as well as from other texts. Each meeting we will discuss an aspect of the Law of Attraction; and report on how we have used it to help meet our goals, and/or ask the other members how we can do this.

The purpose of this group is to provide a forum of on-going mutual encouragement for each of us to be our best and most joyful selves, as well as to learn practical skills needed to successfully deal with contrasting experiences when they arise.

I ask that each member contribute $10 annually to offset the fees charged by Meetup. New members are entitled to a month trial period before they are expected to contribute to the group.

Please join us - we look forward to meeting you!

Helene :-)

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