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Calling all Terrier Mix parents!

Come join fellow terrier mixes for local playdates in Long Beach. We will meet up once or twice a month to let our fur babies get together for socializing, playdates, organized events, and/or play at the dog park. Opened to meeting outside of Long Beach (groups discretion). This group is to create a fun and friendly terrier mix community to share stories, advice and to build friendship amongst the dogs and owners. Nola and I hope to see you soon!

Nola's Breed:
Adoption says "Airedale Terrier/German Sheppard" ... vet says "Terrier Mix"
Instagram: @nolatheterrirer


*All locations/events will be public.
*You MUST have a terrier mix. Of course, full breed terriers are welcomed too!
* Dogs should be FULLY vaccinated with current rabies certificate, DHPP and Bordetella shots.
*Recommend spayed/neutered.
* Your dog must be friendly & easy with other dogs. If your dog is a bit skittish, please inform the organizers to assist with socializing.
* Please be attentive to your dogs behavior.
*Avoid bring your dog if it has diarrhea, in heat (females) or just simply sick.
* No spamming, soliciting, foul language or offensive post. You will be automatically REMOVED.
* If you feel something was inappropriate, please contact the organizers immediately.

Past events (2)

Taps & Tails Long Beach

Berlin Bistro

Terrier's in the Park

Signal Hill Dog Park

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