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Did you know Long Island has over 7 million people on it?

That's more than Delaware, Montana and Wyoming combined!!!

Yet, Long Island is unique for having so many people but not as much community based social interaction as would be expected.

On Long Island you need a car to get anywhere. So your morning commute is you, yourself and your radio. When you go home you shut your door to feel alone, meanwhile theirs 7 million people on this Island.

There is no excuse why someone should feel lonely on an Island so small but has so many people. Think about how is this even possible?

Well this the goal of Long Island Hub.

To bring the people of Long Island together.

From all walks of life, interests, classes, genders, races, religions, languages, occupations, past times and everything else.

You are welcome to join us. Just remember to bring your manners and to show respect for others. I know you can be apart of our group to make Long Island a better place for you and everyone on it!

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