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Let's Play D&D!

Long Beach, CA
Post #: 156
*** Zafirah Eleanor played by Morganna***

Zafirah awoke, still in great pain, as she heard the screaming out side her dungeon cell. She couldn’t remember how long she had been imprisoned nor could she remember the last time she had eaten.

Zafirah Eleanor was the daughter of the Baron Thealoeos of Ralsand and the Lady Carroalinae Agemeathnon. They were a prominent family of House Rax and sponsors of the Church of Pholtus, both these facts automatically made them enemies of the Prince of Ahlissa, South Province. Her mother knew it was a matter of time before the corrupt and decadent rulership of Ahlissa would move to suppress the family and seize their land and fortune. When the Prince moved on the holdings of Agemeathnon it was swift, violent and overwhelming. Her father and mother were killed outright and she did not see what happened to her siblings.

The cell door burst open and her tormenting jailer appeared once again, he stood and looked down upon her and then blood poured from his mouth and then he crumbled to the floor motionless. Appearing out of the darkness was what looked like a demon clad in black and covered with blood. “Well this is how I meet my end, I hope it’s swift,” Zafirah thought to herself.
The being moved toward her, lifted the visored helm, and then lifted her and moved back the cloak in which she was clad. It looked at her as if a man was looking to buy a hunting puppy. Then another being in black appeared and he did the same with his helmet. Finally a boy appeared, also dressed in black armor, he clutched something on his chest and closed his eyes, as he seemed to concentrate on her. Soon the boy nodded his head to the others. As the first being lifted her into his arms she noticed they all seemed to look alike but in different stages of life.
“Are we moving Pa,” the boy asked?

“Just as soon as you cure her a bit,” the oldest replied. Then the boy touched her and her pain seemed to go away and her legs seemed to mend.

“William you take point, Bobby your right behind him and I’ll be right behind you”, he whispered as they disappeared into the darkness.

She awoke once again to find herself being inspected by another knight. He smiled when she looked up at him. “You look just your Mom,” he said looking into her eyes and inspecting her hands. He continued, “We’ll have to get you out of here Miss, for your own safety, (House) Torquann and Darmen won’t take it too kindly the Ash boys knocking over one of their debtor prisons without as much as buy your leave.”

“I wish I could escort you personally out of here but I’m going to need every redneck with a pitchfork to deal with what’s coming up the road. Yep! Ol’ Torquann is going to send us a little greeting party to tell us how much they object to House Geraseth sashaying about in South Province land.”

“I have a few things for you. It’s not much…but heck as sweet as I and that big ugly fella out there were on your mother I figure it’s the least we could do. Now you put that stuff on and move and keep moving South and West. I think Keoland would be a good place for you to ride out all the unpleasantness that’s coming our way.”

The silence was broken when a man yelled into the room, “Baron! Torquann banners forming on the other side of the river!”

Zafirah could barely walk then she saw a mule pulling a small cart come up with Robert “Bobby” Ash driving it. The old Knight lifted her and laid her gently into the back of the cart. “Ol’ Leon sent his boy ‘Bobby’ to find a team of white horses and a grand carriage for you… but there is nothing wrong with a good mule with a stout heart,” he smiled at her. “Good Luck Girl…make your mother proud,” he finished.

She finally saw the place that was her refuge. She noticed that these knights and the castle were dirt poor. Every knight in Ahlissa had at least 4 horses. From the looks of things they didn’t even have one apiece.

As she left the small castle, she raised her head and saw the two other men that rescued her. The older one looked at her and took his helmet off and crossed it over his heart. She memorized his face. He didn’t have the traditional beard of Aerdian men, as matter of fact none of them had. They all had mustaches with long handles down their chins. These men were Almorian.

As she rumbled down the road she could hear the men from the old castle singing “Almor Forever”! Then she saw the young boy driving the little cart stand in the seat and look back as they continued away from the castle. She thought she saw him crying.
Long Beach, CA
Post #: 157
***Aerengard Leidstein von Rhynehurst played by Jake ***

Aerengard Leidstein von Rhynehurst was born eldest Grandson of His Lordship, the Viscount Wilfrick of Verbobonc. His mother Lady Errasaleen von Rhynehurst gave birth to him a mere 4 months after her marriage to the disgraced drunkard Graf Freyhaldenhoven von Rhynehurst from the County of Rhynehurst .

It is whispered in the court of Castle Grayfist the Viscount paid off Freyhaldenhoven’s father 100,000 gold pieces and had to get the boy drunk before the ceremony, which took place after a courtship of only 3 days. This gossip is highly doubted as Errasaleen stunning beauty is only rivaled by her disposition.

Many stories swirl about the martially inclined but highly chivalrous cavalier Aerengard. His face and hands have never been seen and when not wearing a fully visored helm and gloves, he wears an ornate metal facemask. The official story is the boy is cursed with a wasting disease that the sages, arcanes and clerics of Verbobonc cannot cure.

The boy is NEVER found in court favoring the riding pitch and falconry than the balls, dinner parties and dances hosted by his Grandfather.

Aerengard is hopelessly devoted to his grandfather the Viscount but his loyalty to the state is in high question. The Aerengard is clearly favored in court by his Grandfather over his own son Landgard, the rightful successor of the Viscounty. The tension between Aerengard and Landgard can be cut with a knife, as Aerengard is a champion of the lance, battle axe and long sword while Landgard is the politician and courtesan of the family.

Aerengard has broken with tradition of the Viscounty and attends services at the Church of Heironeous and can been seen taking communion every morning on horseback. He still addresses The North Kingdom as the “Evil Empire”. It is said he is questing to become a mythical Knight of the Emilijiah much to the laughter of the Grayfist court. Others say his order is the Knight Protectors of the Empire of Great Kingdom.

His love for his grandfather is only contended for his love of horses. The Brother Commander of Heironeous said to him one day, “You sure love those animals.”

Aerengard replied, “Because they don’t point and whisper.”

The same cleric told one of his acolytes, “That trooper may be cursed of physical beauty but Heironeous has blessed him 10 fold with martial and inner beauty.”
Long Beach, CA
Post #: 158
*** Malcaste Silereash played by Julio***
Malcaste was born to two elders, Literesia and Maltharious, of
the church of Corellon Larethian where they believed in the power of
the elves to lead by example on how life should be lived. They
believed that the creativity, artistic talents and wisdom that the
elven race possessed began in nature and more specifically the

Malcaste Silereash is the "Learner" of his mistress Kearian
Leneillean, Cleric of Corellon Larethian and Legate to the Dwarves
of Clan Stonehelm and surrounding areas in the Kron Hills and the
Lortmils. His main duties are to be the secretary and eyes and ears for
his mistress and often transports official documents between
Stonehelm and The Grand Court of The Palace of the Faerie Queen.

Recently the Dwarven miners have been concerned of scouting
expeditions not returning home.

On his last messenger run, he returned to the Clan Holdings to find
the entire settlement put to the sword. Even the Gnomes and
Halflings in the immediate area were slaughtered. He pressed in to
find his Mistress but could not enter the mining complex or Moradin
Temple, for his path was blocked by a Minotaur standing picket just
inside the Temple which also served as access to the mine proper.
Although not without his own resources Malcaste knew that he was no match for
the beast and he would have to find help to defeat it. For a
moment his mind wandered then she shook himself, giving one last hateful look toward the beast at the mine and headed out to find help.

As he surveyed the area she saw a force, maybe 15 miles away,
moving in the direction of the Village of Hommlet, but the force
stayed off the main road and moved toward the crossroads and the
small settlement of Humans and Gnomes. He could see their metal
glinting in the quickly setting sun.

He fought with himself and thought of his mistress then of the
settlers at the Cameron's Trading Post. He felt it was his duty to
find help to defeat the force left at the mine and to warn and help
defend the village. Indecision tore at him.

It was getting dark; even his keen Elven vision was failing him. He
had been traveling for the past 2 days, the last part through the
Kron Hills. He was tired but never considered giving up or just
saving himself.
Vicente Martinez J...
user 88086312
South Gate, CA
Post #: 4
I'd be interested in joining a group. I haven't played since 2nd Ed. rules, but I'm a quick learner. I'd prefer weekends, but weeknights would be tricky as I commute to/from Irvine.
Phil H.
user 95047032
Long Beach, CA
Post #: 1
Just joined but am an old D&D player, never memorized the rules, always lets the brains of the bunch do that. I love to see how far I can get with ingenuity and duck tape...

I'm down for weekends if there is room and you all don't mind a slow character creator LOL.
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