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Day sail on a 41' trimaran FLUID INTELLIGENCE (with Trimaran Dan)

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California Cafe

720 Peninsula Road · Wilmington,, CA

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Use GOOGLE MAPS short link "" and print out directions! (DON'T RELY SOLELY ON YOUR DASHBOARD GPS! coordinates 33.7666, -118.2496) see below...

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Ahoy, Mateys! Trimaran Dan is going sailing again. Come join the party on spacious decks (41' by 22'), where 10-15 (or more) people are definitely NOT a crowd.

WHERE are we going? We are going to sail around inside of the Los Angeles/Long Beach harbors, including San Pedro, the Queen Mary, downtown Long Beach and Alamitos Bay. Why? Because no one gets sick, and we can carry a lot of people that way! Shore leave (i.e., stop at a dock SOMEWHERE) is part of the objective for the day...exactly WHERE depends on parking (guest dock space). This will be a relatively easy sail... but it will not be a short sail... if you're looking for only a little time on the water or you easily get worn out (or bored) look for a shorter sail. Otherwise, PARTY ON DUDES.

WHO's going? Up to 18 people may attend. I have some "regulars" who get priority seating, so EVERYONE GOES ON THE WAIT LIST FOR NOW. I'll add people as the event gets closer... so please check your emails/mobile and STAY ALERT. (I always expect some cancellations so don't be afraid to spend a little time on the wait list...and I may expand the number of slots.)

WHEN are we going/returning? For the sail get there around 10:00 am. (Some people get there at 9 am or before, because they like to have breakfast at the California Cafe.) If everyone gets there, we'll leave the dock as soon as possible after 10:30 am, BUT we'll leave the dock no later than 11:00 am -- please don't be late and be welcomed by an empty slip!. And it helps if you GET THERE ON TIME... as the boat does require a little set-up time. Please allow extra time for traffic, train crossings (it IS the harbor), and (if you're new) extra time to figure out exactly how to get there!

My scheduled return is 7:00 pm.... please remember that this is a TARGET TIME, not a guarantee.)

We usually hang around after the sail to put things away, socialize, and eat and drink any leftovers (!).

Warningto first-timers:It takes a fair amount of time to set up and dismantle the boat for sailing, so I don't just sail for an hour or two! If the event seems too vigorous or lengthy for you, try another sailing!

WHERE is the boat? If you've never been here before, please follow the instructions carefully. About 1/3 to 1/2 of first-timers get lost or lose precious time making wrong turns. So add about 15 to 20 minutes to your estimated drive time. (There are train crossings, so there may be delays from that ALONE.)

My suggestion: use Google Maps: simply enter "[masked],[masked]" -- this puts you exactly on the spot next to the California Cafe --or use this link: Print out both the graphical and detailed directions for reference along the way.

Once you've found the California Café, park across the street (no permits are required; ignore the signs). Walk to the café, then look for the white gate onto the dock. If open, go down the gangway, turn left and you will see the trimaran (nearest slip to the seawall). If closed, look or walk left, identify yourself and ask someone on the trimaran to let you in.

Notes from the lost: (1) don't rely solely on your dashboard GPS system. I don't have one of these, so I can't help you with it, but many people have reported problems in finding my boat. So start (and finish!) with the Google maps AS INSTRUCTED. (2) Allow extra time for wrong turns and/or train crossings. (3) Unless someone's actually BEEN to the Wilmington marinas area, they're unlikely to give you good directions keep that in mind when asking for "verbal help".

WHAT does it COST? Well, the sail is free, and this time, I'm not asking for any holding deposits. I do send you a followup emails before the sail to make sure you're still interested (and awake); if you don't answer back, I may remove you from the list to make room for others. SO PLEASE DON'T BE A FLAKE! If you sign up, SHOW UP! (Because you only hurt those on the waiting list... and I might not invite you back!)

(But I can accept more donations of these items...) Special note: I have everything needed due to recent donations of plates and bowls.

WHAT do you WEAR? PLEASE BRING WARM CLOTHING! Ok, it might be warm enough for shorts and bikinis sometimes, but there's always those cold upwind times... I know it can be nice and warm on land (or near it), but once you get away from land things can cool down quickly -- temperatures only 2 miles offshore are frequently 10 degrees cooler than at the slip (occasionally 20 degrees cooler!) -- so bring at least one sweater or coat; several layers are best. For sailings between November 1 and May 1, I recommend an additional sweater or coat, and sometimes thermal undies or foul weather gear can really make for more personal comfort.

In general: don't dress fancy! This is sailing, not opening day on the royal yacht...

Otherwise: (1) No high heels, and definitely no spiked heels (unless you want to be barefoot on the boat all the time on board). (2) Avoid skirts or dresses, they tend to get in the way (sometimes dangerously so). (3) If you want to get active in the sailing, avoid jewelry and rings, they can get caught in the lines. (4) Tie up or otherwise control long hair; it can get caught. (5) Hats should be securely fastened, preferably with strings or pins.

Questions? Easiest to email me through Meetup... that way, I can post an answer for everyone if needed. My cel number is (510)[masked], and my home number is (562)[masked] (voice messages only) -- please try to email first (preferably through the Meetup system); it takes less time and I can answer the same question for everyone. I don't do text (SMS) messages (yet) so please don't send any.

Hope to see you on the boat!