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Longevity Energetic® in Los Angeles Meetup
In each Longevity Energetics® class we will practice a selection of the Longevity's meditative-like movements, postures and breath-work, and in doing so we trigger aspects of The Light of Life® Energy. The movements are simple, and yet provide dramatic shifts in our bodies, minds and Energy Fields. At the end of each session the class will be immersed in The Cellular Rejuvenation component of the The Light of Life® Energy. Bringing people into an almost instantly meditative place, and dramatically enhancing the energy work that has been done during the class, as well as being a powerful elixir for health and anti-aging on its own. You will come away feeling lighter, happier, more focused and balanced, physically, mentally, emotionally and of course energetically. Longevity Energetics® for: Centering Physically, mentally and emotionally Rejuvenation at deep cellular levels Improvement in overall health Stimulates circulation without unnecessary exertion Reduction of stress and improved levels of relaxation Weight management Improved flexibility, coordination and dexterity Improved Posture through strengthening skeletal structure Increased overall body strength and muscle tone New levels of balance, focus and concentration Enhanced performance in sports and other physical activities

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What we're about

Its time to let people know about this remarkable new resource for health, wellbeing and rejuvenation.

There are a few very committed people in the know about this and they would dearly like to see their friends, family, and neighbors have access to the same uplifting and self-empowering benefits as they do. The greater the number of people improving their lives, happiness and wellbeing; building themselves up, the overall better it will be for each individual to maintain themselves, and the overall better for mankind.

This is for absolutely anyone who is interested in enhanced and improved health, longevity, genuine anti-aging and rejuvenation, mental and emotional clarity and focus, and intuition. This is about real self-empowerment. Even if you are in great health and shape, you will see dramatic improvements in your wellbeing, youthfulness, creativity, and Vital Life Force.

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