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What we're about

This is a group for meditation practice in the Shambhala tradition. We believe that everyone is basically good, already basically wise, so making progress in your life is more a matter of noticing and clearing away some stuff that's getting in your way, not adding anything that you lack. Newcomers and experienced meditators from other traditions are welcome. Meditation instruction is available for anyone who wants it. Every Thursday evening we have meditation practice (sitting and walking meditation), and a couple of times a month we have an experienced teacher lead a talk and discussion. You don't need to bring your own cushion, and you are welcome to meditate in a chair if that is more comfortable for you. There is no charge, although we accept donations.

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Sitting, Talk on the Five Elements, and Discussion

Online event

We will be doing sitting meditation online for a while during the covid-19 crisis, using Zoom meeting technology. The Zoom link is given below.

This week Denise Wuench will give a talk and lead a discussion on the Five Elements of classical Buddhism. Denise is a long-term practitioner and teacher - we are delighted to have her with us. We will begin with a period of meditation and tonglen practice, with the talk starting sometime around 7:30.

For Meetup users: please note that a lot of our attendees come in via our email list, not from Meetup. So if Meetup doesn't show a lot of RSVPs, you should NOT assume the meeting is cancelled - yes, we always do meet.

Everyone stay safe, stay home, and stay sane.

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