How To Travel For Pennies On The Dollar

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Recently I booked 3 flights to Hawaii for $11.20 each. I booked two weeks in Hawaii for $480 at a resort that normally charges $3000+ for two weeks. I travel with my family on luxurious vacations all over the world for pennies on the dollar. How do I do it? I'll reveal all my secrets in this talk.

I've spent hundreds/thousands? of hours researching this topic and I'll spend many hours preparing for this talk. I look forward to helping you transform the way you travel!

The talk is still scheduled for Monday at 7 PM MST but instead of being at my house, it is now an online webinar as we cannot fit 89 people at my house.

This is my first draft of the webinar and ebook but I plan to make it much more comprehensive with future editions and after I get feedback and questions from all the attendees.

The future course will likely have a price point of $47 but since this is just the first edition I'm offering a huge discount of 80% off ($9.97) for the webinar/ebook and the 158 documents I'm including in the course.

The info I present has saved me thousands of dollars on travel per year. Here's the link to download the materials and info for how to join us on the webinar Monday night at 7 pm MST (you'll also have access to the free video replay of the webinar in case you can't join us live).
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I recommend reading or skimming the ebook and materials ahead of time and writing down your questions so that I can address them at the end of the webinar. I can't wait to talk to you on Monday!

--Your guru to cheap travel,
Kendra Pearsall