Canceled Meetup

TinkerMill Marketing and Promotion Group



TinkerMill has lots of cool stuff happening. We're not all that good, yet, at letting people know outside of meetup.

This Group is about getting good at getting the word out, putting together materials that describe who we are and what we do and creating cool stuff people can buy like stickers, t-shirts, cups, EL powered caps, bizzare toys and member created 'creations' of art and tech. How knows, maybe we can get Sparkfun to make a TinkerMill kit. :)

It's going to start as a google hangouts meeting. If we need to have in person meetings, we'll decide that and do so.

Trent, Chrissy and Lindsay expressed interested last night at the group meeting. Doug would have if he'd been there. So, you 4 (and myself) are hosts on this one. Anyone else is welcome to join. There WILL be assignments though, so join at your own risk.