Blacksmith Safety Certification/ Intro to Blacksmithing

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Price: $50.00 /per person
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This is THE class you need to take to be checked out for using the Blacksmith Shop! This class, ("Blacksmithing Safety / Intro to Blacksmithing") is a requirement for all future blacksmith classes. We will cover all the basic safety requirements that you will need to work and practice in the Blacksmithing Studio. In addition, at the end of class, we will do some basic blacksmithing techniques, so while you may not know a whole lot, you will have enough info to get into the studio and start practicing!

The fundamentals class will be $50 for members, $75 for non-member

Payment in advance holds your position in the class. Though payments will be accepted the day of class if there are slots still available, your position in the class is not guaranteed unless paid in advance.

*** If there is poor weather conditions (ie: freezing, ice, snow....) this class may be postponed. Please contact the Shop Captain/ Host, Kamber Sokulsky, if there are any questions.

(***Please note: The follow up class to this class is Blacksmithing 101. While the 101 class is not mandatory for using the studio, it is the first of a series of classes that will be offered that teaching the basic fundamental journeyman blacksmithing techniques. If you are considering Knife Making classes, Design classes or any other exciting upcoming Blacksmithing Classes, it is strongly recommended you consider the 101 Class after the Blacksmithing Safety Intro Class to gain and practice your fundamental skills. This class is taught separately from the Blacksmithing Safety/ Intro Class. If interested, please ask if you do not see it on the calender.)

(***Please note: The Blacksmithing Safety/ Intro Class does NOT check you out for Welding, Oxy Acetelyn, or Basic Welding Hand Tools. Those are different classes and taught separately. )

(Please note: This class is open to anyone 13 or older. Anyone between 13 and 18 may attend and learn but your parent must be present for the entire class and anytime the teen is using the blacksmith shop.)

(Please note: The safety class is a requirement even if you already have some knowledge of smithing if you wish to use the smithy.)

Be Sure to Wear Clothes Appropriate for Forging (ie: closed toe shoes, preferably not sneakers, all leather shoes or boots preferred)

-natural fabrics only for clothing. (think: jeans, cotton shirt, leather shoes)

-if you can, bring gloves made of leather or welding gloves (some will be available)

This class will be taught by Kamber Sokulsky.

***Note: You MUST have paid for this class BEFORE it starts. You can pay when you arrive, but will need to bring a receipt to the instructor before you are allowed to participate.