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We're going to start hosting a weekly 'Work From TinkerMill" day.

Thursdays from 9am to 5pm, any and all are welcome to drop by and grab a chair, an electrical outlet, some internet, a bit of coffee and maybe (if someone remembers to bring some) a doughnut or bagel.

Open to the Public.

This is just a way to get out of the home office and mix with some like minded tinkerers. Maybe grab lunch with a few people you normally wouldn't meet. Bounce ideas off folks to see if your brilliant insight is, indeed, brilliant.

It also might be fun to have a 'hack and tell' kind of event where people can bring in their projects and show them off and get feedback.

Something like this:

Thoughts? (put down in comments: below).

Maybe we can help start a national "work from a hackerspace" day movement where we all open for a day a week to work out of the space (and open to the public) to help create more awareness of hackerspaces everywhere.