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We look for love in humanity in the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. We look even in darkness when it is hidden from sight. We look for love because it is life......and hope......and us.

This is the creed I have developed for my life's work, and if it resonates with you, please join us in this community space.

Why this meet up?

We, as individuals, and as humanity as a whole, go through waves of ups and downs. And in these times, the world seems to be on a downward wave, with people more hardened than in recent past. With more and more abuse and division, people are turning to distraction-based activities to keep them going...from increased distraction-based food consumption to the hook-up style of app dating. Everything is fast and in large quantities, because we have such an urgency and a need for more. But the reason we need so much is because we feel empty. And no amount of foodie delights or hot hookups will ever fill the spirit void. Really the only thing that can fill that void is love. As cliche and as simplistic as that may sound, love is still not being acknowledged and recognized as a key component in change and empowerment.

"Looking for love" has become synonymous with looking for romantic love. And while that is part of it, to me "looking for love" goes beyond finding a romantic soul mate. It is looking for love in all parts of humanity to develop compassion and to move us back on that upward wave.

This group focuses on reconnecting with our love space, our heart chakras, and our intuition as a way of empowerment and self-growth. We will gather with an intention of awareness and compassion and, for now, we will have three types of meet ups: group gatherings to build a community of like-minded people, topic-focused discussion meet ups and inspirational talks, and I will also at some point offer classes for those who would like to learn advanced techniques on energy work/energy healing and intuition-building as it applies to our love space.

About Me:

My name is Lora Nakamura, MSW, Podcaster, Educator, Intuitive, and Founder & Creator of The Bonsai Babes Lifestyle Brand, which focuses on love empowerment. Growing up I struggled greatly with my identity, family expectations, and who I was supposed to be. I suffered with depression, loneliness, and confusion. I constantly asked bigger picture questions like, "What is the meaning of life?" I hated my jobs, I hated my career, and at one of my lowest points, I ended up in an abusive relationship, fearing for my life. Luckily, I had held on to enough of my intuition to get me by and enough of my faith to keep me fighting. But my biggest strength was that I held on to love. I didn't give up on it...and it was my key to life, unlocking the door to my own transformation. From my mainstream life as an MSW, I finally decided to delve into the opposite world of metaphysics and energy healing to receive extensive training, but most importantly, to regain my own wisdom. My mission is to help you to reconnect to your highest wisdom, a space where you can see love in all situations, in all places, and in all people.

For more info on me and for a link to my podcast, Lora Looking for Love, go to

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