What we're about

This group is for role players who enjoy true roleplaying. We are not into the Roll playing most gamers tend to do. Please feel free to set up any meetup games you would like to play. If you want to play something, post and say something. I'm sure there are others who would like to play it too! Be active and have fun!

Upcoming events (5+)

Sci Fi RPG group meets every other Thursday night

Needs a location

We currently do not have room at the table, but if sci fi rpg fun interests you, do contact me. (ringo dot garrett at gmail dot com) We play role>roll, prefer hard sci fi (not 'elves in space'), and potentially lethal combat (In space no one can hear you scream...). We're currently playing Fate Core with a custom universe and are planning to alternate with 'Scum & Villainy'. Venue: We alternate between a nice, quiet common room in Denver and a nice, quiet Aurora.gov Fire Station Community Room (usually FS11) in Aurora. clear skies, R-) (questions? ringo dot garrett at gmail dot com)

Warehouse 13 Artifact Retrieval Team

Aurora Colorado

Have you experienced strange things in your life? Do you remember an antique store trinket that just felt wrong? Do you have a lucky charm that does great things for you but maims those around you? Do you want to work for a super secret organization that deals with supernatural artifacts? Then this job is for you. Just don't get lost in the Escher vault. This is a regular Saturday game at 12pm set in the modern world of Warehouse 13 interacting with supernatural artifacts that need to be curated. If you're interested let me know. I utilize TriTac's Bureau 13 rules for the game. You just need dice, pencil, and notebook. The game is at my home, so if you're interested PM me and I'll give you address/directions. (It's in Aurora)

FTL 2448 Space Scifi Game

Aurora Colorado

Our intrepid crew is sucked through a worm hole with a giant alien craft built by an ancient slaver alien race. Building a new life and trading empire in a new distant galaxy with tons of alien races. Trading and small mercenary missions have gone well, but now, war looms. The Space Alt-Nazis are wanting to take over neighboring systems. The captain has dedicated herself to covert resistance. Will the new colony made up some really lost ancient Russians be successful? Will they be a good trading partner? Do you have what it takes? You're in luck! Her ship is hiring crew! Sound interesting? This would be an every other week game on alternating Fridays starting at 4:00 pm in Aurora. Drop me a line for particulars.

Elves, Orcs, Sidhe, Dragons, Angels and Flying Ships! High Fantasy RPG

The Sidhe realms are in turmoil! The Winter King has been killing anyone who might be opposed to his rule. Worse yet he has been violating Sidhe laws by making contracts based upon lies. Sidhe aren't supposed to be able to lie. The heir chosen to take over the Winter Court by the other Sidhe courts is safe for the moment. The coronation is hopefully going to happen without a snag. Did we mention the Elven city that reappeared after several millennia of warfare? Let's not even talk about seducing a female dragon...Do you have what it takes to join the flying ship of adventurers ? We play in the Palladium Fantasy rule set, it allows for classes and skills. This is an every other Saturday game. The game is run by Kristi. Please message me for exact location.

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