What we're about

This is a MeetUp to host all the free talks, presentations, groups, and discussions, hosted by Alternatives Behavioral Health, towards forming a community of people who are interested in alternatives to traditional approaches to mental health and performance.

Topics range from brain health to nutrition to lifestyle management.

All our talks are free, and weekly group meetings are either free or very low cost.

Hosts: Talks and weekly group meetings will be hosted by presenters from the surrounding research, education, and clinical communities as well as from employees of Alternatives. Interested presenters are encouraged to contact us. Alternatives Brain Institute staff will present on brain health in ADHD, Aging, and Peak Performance, and Alternatives Treatment staff will lead discussions on the tricky issues of substance use and abuse.

Here is a sampling of the topics of some of our previous and future talks (*all free*):

• ABI: The Neuroscience of ADHD and What do Do About It

• ABI: Meditation for Attention, in ADHD and Aging

• ABI: Attention Across the Lifecourse

• ABI: Mindfulness and Loving Kindness: Developing Metta

• ABI: Developing a Mindfulness Practice

• ATx: Is it possible to drink moderately after having a drinking problem?

• ATx: What does your drug of choice say about you?

• ATx: Mindfulness for Cravings

And some of our current (low cost or free) ongoing weekly groups:

• ABI: Mindfulness Basics group ($20 per class, first one free): Ongoing Tuesday evenings

• ABI: Mindfulness for Adolescents ($20 per class, first one free): Ongoing Saturday afternoons

• ABI: Rhythm Training group (*free*): Ongoing 1st and 3rd Friday evenings, RSVP required

• ATx: Moderation Management (*free*): Ongoing, open non 12-step group, Tuesday evenings

• ATx: SMART Recovery (*free*): Ongoing, open non 12-step group, Monday evenings

• ATx: SMART Recovery, Friends & Family (*free*): Ongoing, open non 12-step group, Monday Evenings

Past events (444)

Mindfulness Group (adults)

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SMART Recovery

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SMART Recovery - Friends & Family

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Mindfulness Group (adults)

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