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Singles in their 40's & 50"s & 60's who enjoy sharing a delicious meal with like minded people will enjoy this group. Some but not all of the cuisines will include American, Seafood, BBQ, French, Italian, German, Spanish,Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Pakistani, Polish, Israeli, Russian, Jewish deli, Korean, Mexican, Indonesian, Greek, Basque, Lebanese, Cuban, Jamaican, Ethiopian, and more! .

American restaurants include farm-to-table, steak houses, seafood, vegan, vegetarian, soul food, Southern cuisine, Southwestern cuisine from the state of New Mexico, TexMex, Creole and Cajun, New England clam shacks that are transported to LA, fusion, California cuisine, and I think that pretty much covers the waterfront.

The emphasis will be on quality food with a pleasant ambiance. Meetups will be scheduled in West Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, the San Gabriel Valley, the South Bay, Long Beach, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Downtown LA, Little Tokyo, Mid Wilshire, and other areas contingent upon geographic member demand. As of Fall 2021, we will be having dining events in Venutura County and northern Orange County
Meetups will be scheduled weekly and a larger selection of restaurants will be added as our group grows.
TO MAKE SURE YOU RECEIVE EIVE MESSAGES FROM OUR GROUP ABOUT MEETUP EVENTS: Click on the downward arrow by the upper right corner, next to your thumbnail photo > Arrow down to settings > Go to email updates > Go to updates about you > Go to messages: Email me when someone sends me a message (MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THIS TO GET MESSAGES)

At most restaurants, we order individually unless noted otherwise, which means family style and we share all dishes. Even when we order individually, you are encouraged to share dishes with others so you can sample more of the menu.  
Unless otherwise noted, payment at events is cash only in small bills to make it easier for the server and host to settle the bill. No credit cards, no separate checks, no exceptions. 
As it is a lot of work for the server to wait on a large group, we always leave at least a 20% tip plus approximately 10% for the tax.

Please arrive at a timely manner at the event which means 15 minutes early or on time. Being fashionably late is not cool. Many restaurants require all members of the dining party to be present before they will seat us.

Attendance Policy: If you cancel your RSVP with less than 48-72 hours at the discretion of the organizer, you will receive a strike. If you RSVP yes and do not show then you receive a strike.  2 strikes and you are suspended.

Deposit Policy: All deposits are made via the zelle mobile phone app for android and apple phones. All you need is the event host's email which will be sent to you via private meetup message. 

No paypal, no venmo, no meetup wepay. You will receive only one notification for payment of a deposit. If you do not respond within 48 hours, you will be removed from the RSVP of either waitlist or going to not going.

40+ Single Foodies uses the deposit system to ensure we honor our reservation with the restaurant on a busy weekend. Nobody wants to wait 30-60 minutes for a table without a reservation.

The deposit is usually $10 and is refundable at the restaurant only. 

You may also snail mail a check.

This is an internet based meetup group and it only takes 2-5 minutes to check your private messages. Repeated tardiness of replies and you will be removed from the group at the discretion of the organizer. 

Those regular attendees who have a reliable track record will not have to leave a deposit.

The deposit is only temporary, until you establish a proven track record. The deposit will not be permanent for you.

The deposit to reserve your spot does not cost you anything. You get ALL the monies back at the restaurant only.

Member Profiles: A first name is required. A profile image including a clear shot of your face is requested at the discretion of the organizer. This is for the protection of our members.
Please be mindful of other members and only contact people you have met at events, with the exception of permission by the organizer. This is for the protection of members.

If you drink what the event host deems to be an excessive amount of alcohol, you will be removed from the group. This is a dining group, not a party group. If you are going to drink alcohol, it is suggested that you use uber or lyft if that makes sense.

If you wish to carpool, please post a comment for the meetup event below the details section. It is suggested that you do not post your phone number for your privacy. You can private message another member with your contact info.

If you are a new member, please only sign up for 3 or 4 meetups. New members who sign up for a lot have proven to be unreliable. There are no exceptions.

If a member is mean or nasty or uses profanity in communication with the organizer or event host, you will be suspended.

Our restaurants are curated to ensure delicious food at an affordable price. Finding such restaurants is not easy in Los Angeles. Many places either have less than stellar food or are expensive. 

We dine mostly in small, family owned, independent restaurants.  We eat at restaurants with a pleasant atmosphere. 

No dives although sometimes authentic soul food and Jamaican restaurants tend to be not fancy.The money stays local and stimulates our local economy. 

Because of our demographics, we have a great crew of members. Friendly, fun, and down to earth.

Our dining meetups offer truly delicious food. Our events are fun, festive, and fabulous.

Come dine with us!

Upcoming events (4+)

You want to be an organizer so you can post your own dining event for our group?

Why not organize a lunch or dinner? Great way to meet other foodies!

Got an idea for an event you want to do?

Your favorite restaurant or a restaurant on your bucket list?

Do you find events and think "gee, I like this event but want it closer to me, on a different day, a different time, or would prefer a similar restaurant?"

So pick your preferable restaurant, time, date, and choose how many fellow foodies you feel comfortable hosting.

It's really easy and FUN. Hosting is the best way to socialize. Meet your fellow foodies.

The listing software for event organizers is really simple and only takes 10 or 15 minutes. You can have help if you wish.

We will be meeting at Shamshiri Grill in Westwood, one of my favorite restaurants in all of LA to continue this discussion. Their huge Persian/Middle Eastern/Mediterranean menu has dozens of delightful dishes. Something for everyone.


Outdoors, no deposit

Come to eat, socialize, and discuss how to be an event organizer. Kill 3 birds with one stone.

While enjoying the yummy cuisine, partake of stimulating conversation about travel, movies, TV, art, theater, books, sports, and of course food!

Come dine with your foodies friends and make new foodie friends.

Legendary Porto's Bakery & Cafe Early Dinner 4.5 Stars Yelp9556 Reviews! Outdoor

Come to eat and get to socialize.

Start February 2022 with your foodie friends and make new foodie friends.

Porto's Bakery & Cafe is a Los Angeles institution,

like Pink's Hot Dogs or In-N-Out Burger or Musso & Frank Grill or Spago or the Ivy or Lawry's The Prime Rib or Philippe the Original

Dine with us & cross Porto's off your bucket list!


Porto's is popular because the food is fabulous & the prices are inexpensive.

We are going for a late lunch on a Sunday as it's always crowded.

Ridiculously crowded !!!!!


Porto's potato balls are legendary! Everybody says they are amazing!

Other items on their menu include:

meat pies

Cuban sandwiches

chicken croquette

chicken empanada

tres leches cake

guava roll (supposedly to die for)

chocolate croissant

turkey croissant sandwich

ham and cheese croissan
spinach and feta cheese empanada

pork tamale

spicy chicken Milanese sandwich

apple strudel

fruit tart


Outdoor dining

You must be fully vaccinated and bring your CDC Covid report card or on your phone or a photocopy.

Cash only. Estimated cost $15 to $18 but bring $25 to be on the safe side.

48 hours if you must cancel



Come dine with us at legendary Porto's Bakery & Cafe

While enjoying yummy cuisine, partake of stimulating conversation about travel, recent movies, TV, art, theater, books, and of course food!

Coni'Seafood Michelin Award Winner Authentic Mexican Seafood Lunch Patio

Come to eat and get to socialize.

Start the New Year 2022 with your foodie friends and make new foodie friends.

Listed as a 2019 Michelin Bib Gourmand designated restaurant


click on the above hyperlink for their website to see their full menu

Coni'Seafood began in the backyard of our Inglewood home back in 1987, where my father, Vicente "Chente" Cossio, brought a taste of Acaponeta, Nayarit to the neighborhood, using the freshest ingredients from Mexico. He opened Mariscos Chente where Coni'Seafood is located today, on Imperial Highway, passing the family recipes, restaurant and tradition of using the finest products on to his daughter and former "right hand", Connie Cossio. Coni'Seafood imports its shrimp, whole fish and other select products from Sinaloa and Nayarit to prepare Nayarit-style seafood as though you were in Acaponeta, Nayarit or relaxing under a thatched roof in Playa Novillero. Coni'Seafood is an award winning Mexican seafood restaurant, and one of the best traditional Mexican restaurants in the United States.

From the Michellin Guide:

The front dining room is welcoming but the large and enclosed back patio is really the place to be- pleasantly green and breezy with ceiling fans, hanging plants, and potted palms.

Coni"Seafood Restaurant serves amazing creative seafood dishes, most under $17

Included are such delicacies as

mini tostadas with smoked Marlin pate topped with shrimp, sea snail, and octopus ceviche

shrimp, octopus, oyster & crab combo

jicama shrimp & octopus ceviche in mango habanero sauce

imported smoked Marlin with onions, tomatoes, and cheese tacos

oysters on the half shell @ a great price

grilled snook which they are famous for. It's a large whole fish to be shared. The snook, a native Mexican fish, is served with their special house sauce, carmelized onions, and tortillas. This signature fish dish is amazing!

shrimp, octopus, crab, and fish soup


Specialties according to the Michelin Guide:

Ceviche marinaro made with shrimp marinated with lemon and black sauce, chopped cucumber, tomato, onion, and mango

Fried shrimp tacos

Camarones al mojo de ajo served with rice

THE signature dish that Coni'Seafood is famous for is their imported Mexican grilled snook fish. Fresh and grilled to order, taking about 20 minutes. Foodies who have shared snook in the past have raved about it.

If you are apprehensive about authentic Mexican seafood, there are dishes that you will enjoy.


More traditional American-palate dishes include

breaded shrimp with onion rings

shrimp ceviche

fish ceviche

whole fried talapia

If you are allergic or don't like seafood, or are expecting tacos and burritos and rice and beans, then this is not for you. Not vegetarian friendly.

The restaurant is rated A by the LA County Board of Health.

We will be dining on their lovely permanent patio.

The estimated cost is $25.

To be on the safe side, it is best to bring $40 as you don't want to get caught short. More if you order beverages, including one of the 6 different Mexican beers they sell.


Cash only in small bills:
1s and 5s and 10s to make settling the bill easier.
Only one $20

No credit cards and no separate checks.

We always leave a 20% tip.

As like the past 30 or 40 events, a REFUNDABLE $10 deposit is required

payable via the Zelle mobile phone app.
Refundable at the restaurant only.

All you need is my email address.

Payment must be received within 48 hours of my contacting you.

If you have a problem with Zelle, you can mail me a check via snail mail.

No paypal or venmo .

No deposit for regular members with a reliable track record.

Minimum 48 hour notice if you must cancel.

New members who no show or cancel with less than the 48 hours will be put on probation as this is not the 1st impression we are looking for. Same for those who plus one.

Covid safety guidelines are followed. If you have any symptoms or if youy have been around anybody who has covid, even if they are asymptomatic, then please stay home.

We will be ordering individually unless people decide on their own to share like the snook fish ETC

Coni"Seafood Restaurant will be a fun and delicious


Come dine with us!

While enjoying the yummy cuisine, partake of stimulating conservation about travel, recent movies, TV, art, theater, books, and of course food!

UPSCALE The India Restaurant in Little India Sunday Brunch OUTDOORS

The India Restaurant

Come to eat and get to socialize.

This upscale Indian restaurant has wonderful, quality food.

One of the finest restaurants in Little India (Pioneer Blvd in Artesia)
Near the intersection of the 605 and 91 Artesia Freeway.

Convenient to LA and Orange counties.

Only 25 to 30 minutes from West LA on a Sunday in the middle of the day. Done this for decades.


4 Stars with 1238 reviews

Vegetarian friendly

Most entrees and complete meals are under $20


mixed tandoori grill combo dinner

12 different breads

20+ veggie curries

12+ seafood curries

10+ chicken curries

8+ lamb curries

15+ appetizers, veg and non-veg

4 soups

8+ tandoori dinners including shrimp, chicken,,, chicken tikka, fish, lamb chops



We will be ordering individually, unless some foodies decide on their own to share appetizers or entrees.

The India Restaurant has been around for years. When I worked in Newport Beach in 2000, this restaurant was our favorite in Little India. They used to have a killer buffet.

Cash only.
No separate checks.

$10 REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT VIA ZELLE or you can snail mail a check.
Fully refundable at the restaurant only.

At least 48 hours if you must cancel.

This Sunday brunch will be fabulous with fresh, tasty Indian cuisine.

While enjoying the yummy cuisine, partake of stimulating conservation about travel, recent movies, TV, art, theater, books, and of course food!

Come dine with your foodie friends and make new foodie friends!

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