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Singles in their 40's & 50"s & 60's who enjoy sharing a delicious meal under $25 with like minded people will enjoy this group. Some but not all of the cuisines will include American, Seafood, BBQ, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Pakistani, Polish, Israeli, Russian, Jewish deli, Korean, Mexican, Indonesian, Greek, Basque, Lebanese, Cuban, Jamaican, Ethiopian, and more!

The emphasis will be on quality food with a pleasant ambiance. Meetups will be scheduled in West Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, the San Gabriel Valley, the South Bay, Long Beach, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Downtown LA, Little Tokyo, Mid Wilshire, and other areas contingent upon geographic member demand. As of Fall 2020, we will be having dining events in Venutura County and northern Orange County.

Meetups will be scheduled weekly and a larger selection of restaurants will be added as our group grows.

We try to keep the cost under $25 but when you add the tax and tip, it can go over the $25. Appetizers, soups, salads, desserts, and beverages are extra and can increase your cost.

At most restaurants, we order individually unless noted otherwise, which means family style and we share all dishes. Even when we order individually, you are encouraged to share dishes with others so you can sample more of the menu.

Unless otherwise noted, payment at events is cash only in small bills to make it easier for the server and host to settle the bill. No credit cards, no separate checks, no exceptions.

As it is a lot of work for the server to wait on a large group, we always leave at least a 20% tip plus approximately 10% for the tax.

Please arrive at a timely manner at the event which means 15 minutes early or on time. Being fashionably late is not cool. Many restaurants require all members of the dining party to be present before they will seat us.

Attendance Policy: If you cancel your RSVP with less than 48-72 hours at the discretion of the organizer, you will receive a strike. If you RSVP yes and do not show then you receive a strike. 2 strikes and you are suspended for 3 months.

Deposit Policy: All deposits are made via the zelle mobile phone app for android and apple phones. All you need is the event host's email which will be sent to you via private meetup message. No paypal, no venmo, no meetup wepay. You will receive only one notification for payment of a deposit. If you do not respond within 72 hours, you will be removed from the RSVP of going to not going. The deposit is usually $10 and is refundable at the restaurant only. This is an internet based meetup group and it only takes 2-5 minutes to check your private messages. Repeated tardiness of replies and you will be removed from the group at the discretion of the organizer. Those regular attendees who have a reliable track record will not have to leave a deposit.

Member Profiles: A first name is required. A profile image including a clear shot of yor face is requested at the discretion of the organizer. This is for the protection of our members.

Please be mindful of other members and only contact people you have met at events, with the exception of the permission by the organizer. This is for the protection of members.

If you drink what the event host deems to be an excessive amount of alcohol, you will be removed from the group. This is a dining group, not a party group. If you are going to drink alcohol, it is suggested that you use uber or lyft if that makes sense.

I you wish to carpool, please post a comment for the meetup event below the details section. It is suggested that you do not post your phone number for your privacy. You can direct message another member with your contact info.

If you are a new member, please only sign up for 3 or 4 meetups. New members who sign up for a lot have proven to be unreliable. There are no exceptions.

If a member is mean or nasty or uses profanity in communication with the organizer or event host, you will be suspended.

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Versailles Cuban Dinner West LA OUTDOOR PATIO Best Cuban in Los Angeles

Versailles Cuban Restaurant

Covid requirements by LA County Health Dept are followed. Please wear a mask. If you have a cough, cold, fever, headache, runny nose, or any other Covid symptoms, please stay home. Outdoor dining has excellent air flow. There is 6 foot social distancing. Staff wear masks & gloves. Versailles is legandary & has been there for decades. Since 1979 www.versaillescubanfood.com Yelp 4 stars with 2304 reviews Portions are huge. You will have leftovers. Prices are inexpensive. Most entrees are $15 to $18 Versailles is famous for their roasted 1/2 chicken marinated in garlic sauce and served with sweet fried plantains, rice, & black beans. Only $15.99 Appetizers include empanadas, chicken wings, and tamales. ENTREES Served w fried plantains, rice, and black beans. Choices include chicken steak, BBQ chicken, rib eye, flank steak Salmon, shrimp, chicken sandwich, Cuban sandwich, Grilled pork chop, Famous roaste pork 2 vegetarian entrees 6 different salads sides include French fries, grilled onions, garlic sauce, sweet fried plantains Beverages include exotic tropical milkshakes Cuban sodas 7 different coffees and teas Cocktails include the famous Mojito Red, white, rose wine Assorted beer Desserts They don't take reservations so you may have to wait for a table. Cash only. No credit cards. Please bring small bills to make settling the bill easier. No separate checks except inthe past they did do separate checks but ask the waier before you order. NO deposit required for this event. NO annual dues No "reservation commitment deposit." = Why pay in advance for your food before you even arrive at the restaurant? No event host. Daniel will not attend but we did this before here with no problems. We have ben here 3 times. Twice with 15 to 20 members. Meet in front by the 2 benches. Look for each other using the profile photos on the meetup event app. This delicious dinner will be fun. Affordable as our meetup is known for. Come dine with us!

Pho 79 Vietnamese James Beard Winner, OPEN Indoors Now, Best In Litttle Saigon

Pho 79 is the real deal you have been searching for! The food is great. It's super busy for a damn good reason. The pho bowls and everything else are finestkind. Their specialty is the oxtail pho, which friends rave about. The portions are large and the prices are reasonable. Other, non-pho dishes are excellent as well. I personally love bun, the Viet dry bowl of vermicelli rice noodles. In addition to vegetables, herbs, and spices, bun can be had with spring roll, shrimp, pork, chicken, beef, etc. Bun is then topped with fish sauce that has sugar added to cut the sour taste of the straight fish sauce. As this James Beard award winner has highly acclaimed pho and other Viet dishes and is possibly one of the best in Little Saigon, perhaps Pho 79 is one of the best Vietnamese pho restaurants in the country! My first experience with Vietnamese cuisine was Montreal about 45 years ago and I never looked back. When I lived in Costa Mesa, friends and I used to frequent Little Saigon, which is not all that small. My mother lived in the Dorchester section of Boston, which is heavily Vietnamese and has great restaurants. Bottom line: Pho 79 rocks! www.pho79.com Rather than type a laundry list of items from the menu, you are invited to click on the hyperlink above to bring up their website with their menu. Dishes I am considering ordering: Papaya salad with smoked beef Pho ga rice noodle soup with chicken Rice noodle soup with seafood In additon to their beef pho, they also have 2 chicken pho's If available, oxtail can be ordered as a side for $4.50 . Cash only. including small bills please. No credit cards, not separate checks. It's the restaurant's policy that it's cash only. First timers and those members who have not demonstrated a reliable track record with established attendance will be required to send a $10 deposit refundable at the restaurant only. The deposit is to be sent via the Zelle phone app which works on both android and apple. Please contact the organizer for his email address, which is all you need to Zelle the deposit. No event fees. No annual dues. No "reservaton commitment deposit." = Why pay in advance for your food before you even arrive at the restaurant? Yes, some meetups charge this and some people even pay. Pho 79 is located in northern Orange County, an easy drive from West LA on a Sunday. I have done it dozens of times as I have friends in the neighborhood. Please allow extra time to find this restaurant. They are located down the side street and behind the busy main street. Pho 79 is behind the liquor store. If you don't allow enough time and get lost, I won't candy coat it. You probably won't be able to get a table with our group. This will be as great a meal as when my friends and I dine here. We're fans and a friend has lived in Westminster for years. He loves pho. You might want to consider ordering food to go after the meal so you will have delicious goodies to eat when you get home. But you should be aware that the pho bowls are huge. Even the regular size are big. They have an extra large size bowl that's the size of an olympic swimming pool. After lunch, I am planning on visiting a Viet ban mi sandwich restaurant that has a 24/7 drive thu. They have a large selection of different ban mi sandwiches. Plus a choice of other Viet sandwiches on a French baguette. The prices are stupidly cheap. A Vietnamese version of McDonald's only tastier and healthier. The details about the ban mi drive thru are specified in the comments section beloiw. Or you can ask me at the restaurant. Let's have a wonderful meal. Come dine with us!

Paco's Tacos Cantina Mexican OUTDOOR 10+ Diff Regional Cuisines LoPricesBigSize

Covid social distancing with tables 6 feet apart. Servers wear masks and gloves. Tables and chairs sanitized between diners. etc etc. If you have been around anybody who has covid or if you have any symptoms like sore throat, runny nose, temperature, etc then please stay home. NO DEPOSIT NEEDED NO event fees ever! NO HOST DINNER: Daniel will not attend, look for each other using the meetup app looking for profile photos on the meetup event page No reservations so gather together, put your name in, and wait They have 3 tables that seat 6 & 7 tables that seat 4 Paco's has all the standard dishes: tacos, burritos, enchiladas, chile rellenos, tamales, taquitos, chimichangas, Combo plates w rice & beans Homemade tortillas but you won't be able to see the woman behind the glass making them Tacos include taco de pollo asado: chicken breast topped w sauteed onions & pasilla chile strips Platos natives from queretaro, yucatan, tampico, jalisco, puebla, neuvo leon, sonora 3 different regional shrimp dishes 5 different regional fish dishes 6 different regional calamari steaks 4 different breakfasts Platos regional: acapulco, mazatlan, puerto vallarta, cancun, mezcal, oaxaca Huge portions, Low prices, most plates $13 to $20 www.pacoscantina.com full bar w several Mexican beers, margaritas, palomas, micheladas, kahlua, mezcal, tequila with AMAZING regional Mexican cuisines. Again, no reservations so be prepared to wait Cash only in small bills, no credit cards, no separate checks, no excuses, we ALWAYS tip 20% NO DEPOSIT required for this event but newcomers who flake will be dropped from the group If you must cancel, please give AT LEAST 72 hours, less is a strike like a no show as people on the wait list need time to make plans Their Covid menu w outdoor seating may be different than their usual menu Entrance is in the back of the building. Free parking in a huge lot near staples If kind people volunteer to host at the tables, that would be great as I will not be there. You will be amazed at how delicious the food is, how huge the portions are, and how very reasonable the prices are. Be prepared to go home with leftovers. Paco's Tacos Cantina is a fun, festive Mexican resturant with an amazing selection of regional cuisines from many different Mexican states.

Superb Dim Sum @ Capital Seafood, OUTDOOR Dining FUNDRAISER Big Menu

FUNDRAISER to help pay our dues for our meetup website to Meetup HQ in New York. Reservations have been made at Capital Seafood. The food is ordered from a menu rather than ordering off a cart. By placing an order from your table using a menu, there is no need for cart service. Thus the food is cooked to order and comes out of the kitchen sometimes so hot temperture wise that you could burn your mouth. All the usual dim sum dishes are served and a few special, unique items. The quality is supeb. All their dim sum dishes are great and we may also order one or two noodle dishes like beef chow fun and Singapore rice noodles. It is possible that we may order duck but that is not guaranteed. The event organizer will order all the dishes for both tables for balance so we can sample a wide variety of dim sum dishes. Capital Seafood has 109 items on their dim sum menu! About 60 are dim sum dishes so we will have a great assortment. The emphasis will be on dim sum as they are the specialty dishes we are coming to Capital Seafood for. This is dim sum, not lunch or dinner. This fixed price fundraiser was planned in January. During Covid, dim sum prices have risen 10-25% but I will keep the $37 price intact. We will have 2 tables and I will order for both tables. Nobody is to order any dishes as that will create confusion. If you have any requests, please let the event host know before the dim sum is ordered. If you have never had dim sum, the cuisine is Cantonese but dim sum is different than regular Cantonese dishes. They serve piping hot, fresh out of the kitchen dumpings of various sorts, spring rolls, rice noodle rolls, a few different types of buns, etc. If you are not familiar with dim sum, somebody can explain all the dishes we order. If you don't know how to use chopsticks or want to use a fork, that's fine. We will all have water and tea, the traditional beverage to drink at dim sum. The atmosphere is upscale and the service is attentive. Due to Covid, , we will be seated at 2 tables with 6 to a table. All members will wear masks all the time except when eating. When talking, it is requested that you keep your mask on talking even though that is not fun. We will all have our own plates, bowls, cups, cutlery or chopsticks, and napkins. Everyone will also have their own serving spoon or fork, to be used to take food from the communal dish onto their individual plate only, not to be used for eating. It is probably easier to use a fork or spoon rather than chopsticks for the serving utensil. We will make sure we have enough forks and spoons It is important that this be followed closely due to Covid. This will be a family style meal. We will share all the food so if you are a vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, have food allergies, or a picky eater then this event may not be for you. Many of the dishes contain pork or shrimp. There are very few vegetables. Capital Seafood has an LA County Health Score of A. There is a parking lot that gets crowded but also some free street parking but check the signs before you park. They will only seat us when everybody is present. Being late is not fashionable and is kinda not cool. Capital is fantatstic and everybody knows it so the restaurant will be crowded. Whether this is your first experience with dim sum or you are familiar with the food, you will really enjoy the dishes. After you eat here, you will have been spoiled . This dim sum experience is a fundraiser to help pay the meetup dues for our website to the meetup.com HQ in NYC. The cost is only $37 inclusive of tax, tip, and contribution to our meetup dues. Tea and water are included but all other beverages are extra. Pre-payment only to make it easier for the waitstaff and your humble narrator. Payment via ZELLE which is a free, safe, and secure bank to bank transfer. This fundraiser event is non-refundable so make sure you truly want to dine with us. No refunds for any reason at all except if the event is canceled.

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