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Blessings, Fam. If you've been able to pass the red brick dust spinkled at our doorstep, congratulations, you've made It.

The LA Hoodoo - Rootwork - Conjure meetup group is one of the first FB groups created by and for Black Rootworkers, Conjurers, and Black Witches of African descent in LA. The group was founded by Daizy October of TheAfroMystic.com and her spiritual house.

The group's Admins have roots in Traditional Black Belt Hoodoo, (the system of African Spiritual Practice mantained by black folks in the Black American South), but practitioners of all African spiritual systems are welcomed as this is a Pan-African celebration of the spiritual systems practiced by our Ancestors across the globe. All genders of African/Afro-diasporic people are welcomed.

Most events are educational, and community-oriented. We expect respect, cool-headedness, and communication. This a safe space, so absolutely no Anti-black/Anti-queer sentiments are allowed in the group. Even certain groups of black folks are asked to check your privilege at the door.

Happy Conjuring!

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