• Are you Ready for a Startup?


    In 2 hours we'll dive into 4 Key Areas to be aware of to assess, discuss and find clarity for your situation. By the end of the workshop, you will have a clear view on, "If Your Ready for a Startup" and by when. Workshop will cover the areas of mental, physical, emotional and financial with activities & conversations interlaced to reveal your capabilities and what is possible for your situation. The goal is to walk away with more clarity on your ability to begin the startup journey and an action plan/next steps to make your idea a reality. Come with an Open Mind & Your Ideas.

  • Connect & Pay it Forward Mixer


    Hello Los Angeles Business Startup, it's time to connect and get this group up and moving. We will be hosting "Connect & Pay if Forward" Mixer on May 28th in Santa Monica at WeWork. This night will be about getting to know each other and seeing how we can Pay it Forward for at least one person at the event. Through acts of kindness and a willingness to help each other, we can all win. This Networking Mixer is like no other, as everyone has something to offer and something they need and this is the first mixer you will give and get to help propel each others businesses forward. So bring your business cards, talents and creative ideas! So, how does this work? The goal is for each person who arrives to offer 1 talent, skill, or craft for at least one other person. We'll do a Name Badge with What you can offer. If everyone who shows up provides their gift of skill or talent to one person, by the end of the event you will have met at least one new person and will be putting something in action for your business. **What kind of things can you offer?** - review and help someone with their LinkedIn page - offer to listen to someones elevator pitch and give feedback - write a business review for someone's website or app - tweet or make a blog post to your network for someone - offer your design skills review - and more... Just imagine the greatness we can create, yet we cannot do it alone - Limited Space.

  • Pitch to Win Workshop

    Industrious Playa District

    Are you looking to perfect your elevator pitch for events & small group settings? Are you telling your company story? Are you in the process or looking to raise money? If you answered YES to any of the above, you owe it to yourself and your business to take your Pitch to the next level. This workshop does not require any prep and attendees will not be pitching at this workshop, we suggest bringing notepad/pen and willingness to partner share during workshop. Workshop is best for Startups & Business Owners. Those that can also benefit greatly are Business Professionals, Sales Professionals, Hustlepreneurs, Nonprofits and those that network and answer the question, "What do you Do"? Workshop Includes: Art of Telling Your Story Body Language Techniques Elevator Pitch Basics Objection Handling Winning Pitch Deck Tips on Productive and Beneficial Follow-up Refreshments Will be Provided. We are providing 10 Free Tickets for Members of Los Angeles Business Startup, so act fast - limited seating. If you miss the free tickets, you can use this link to purchase a ticket. https://pitchtowinworkshopmay30.eventbrite.com Thank you to our Sponsor - Industrious Playa District. Industrious is the country's leading premium co-working and private office provider that offers experiences that help teams of all sizes transform ideas into action, with the flexibility to scale on their own terms. Sign up for an Exclusive Showing of Industrious Playa District location before they open to the public, located at 6060 Center Drive.