• Are you Ready for a Startup?


    In 2 hours we'll dive into 4 Key Areas to be aware of to assess, discuss and find clarity for your situation. By the end of the workshop, you will have a clear view on, "If Your Ready for a Startup" and by when. Workshop will cover the areas of mental, physical, emotional and financial with activities & conversations interlaced to reveal your capabilities and what is possible for your situation. The goal is to walk away with more clarity on your ability to begin the startup journey and an action plan/next steps to make your idea a reality. Come with an Open Mind & Your Ideas.

  • meet and greet, and i will talk about SEO or Search Engine Optimisation.

    I will speak about SEO, i will present some facts and technical explanation to make you aware what would you be buying when you hire an SEO company. When you understand how it works, you will definitely know how to negotiate, how to bargain and what to expect from your service providers. Please bring your business cards (let me know ahead of time if you don't have any, i can bring you a whole bunch for just 10 dollars). the importance of such meetups is networking, as well as the information shared. So make sure you have your flyers, business cards, sample products... whatever you'd like to pass along to other attendees. On each one of the table we will be booking, there will be a dollar sign. Choose any table you like and any chair on that table. If you are coming with a group we strongly encourage that each member of your group choose a different seating area and not cluster together; that will help networking tremendously! I will be speaking about SEO, you will all have a chance to present yourselves and your business. If you want time at the microphone please inform me of the duration and content of your speech/demonstration at least two weeks ahead of our appointment for organizational purposes. I hope to see many new faces, i promise it will be fun! Respectfully, Francis.