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C++ API Design post-C++11
"Everyone" knows the guiding principle for type design in C++: aim for Regular types (aka "Do what ints do"). As it turns out, with the addition of rvalue-references, reference-qualification, and move-semantics in C++11, there are a host of new considerations. There are also non-Regular type designs showing in the standard (std::string_view), and other classes of design that have shown themselves to be valuable. This talk will cover rvalue-reference idioms and API design, as well as a brief taxonomy of type properties and good type design." About Titus: Titus is a Senior Staff Software Engineer at Google, where he has worked since 2010. He leads Abseil, Google’s open-source C++ library that underpins more than 250M lines of Google code with 12K+ active internal users. He is one of the four arbiters for Google’s official C++ style guidelines. For the last 7 years, Titus has been organizing, maintaining, and evolving the foundational components of Google’s C++ codebase using modern automation and tooling. Titus chairs the Library Evolution Working Group (LEWG) for the C++ Standard -- the group responsible for API design proposals to the standard library. He is also chairing the newly-formed SD15 for discussions of Tooling in the C++ ecosystem. There will be pizza.

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