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World War II: The People's War 1939-1945

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World War II was the bloodiest, most devastating military conflict in human history. Taking more then 50 million lives, WW2 was conducted on three different continents. In less then 6 years it caused the deaths of millions of soldiers and civilians, through bombing and battle raids, mass executions, and genocidal policies. Millions of civilians contributed to the war effort by working at factories and plants to produce tanks, aircraft, artillery shells, ships, mines and guns. Never before or since has the world seen such a mobilization effort. But what were the reasons for this devastating war? Were they geo-political (territorial), philosophical, ideological or all of the above? Why did humanity unleash all it's tools of modern war industry on itself? From battle of France and Britain to the Battle of Moscow and Stalingrad, from Midway and Okinawa to Normandy and Berlin, the soldiers from Germany, Soviet Union, U.S, Italy, Japan, Poland, France and Great Britain massacred one another on the daily basis. In our next group meetup, we'll attempt to answer these question.

Reading Suggestions:

Stalingrad: How the Red Army Survived the German Onslaught by Michael K Jones

When Titans Clashed: How the Red Army Stopped Hitler by David Glantz

Siege of Budapest by David Glantz

No Simple Victory: World War II in Europe[masked] by Norman Davies

Flags of our Fathers by Ron Powers

D-Days in the Pacific by Donald L Miller


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