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After a certain point in their careers, highly successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common: they want to give back the community. Some do this by writing books, others by taking academic positions, and still others by serving as a mentor to up-and-coming entrepreneurs. The point of this Meetup is to help create matches between highly successful entrepreneurs (i.e., those who have built and grown businesses in excess of $10M) and up-and-coming entrepreneurs (i.e., those who have existing businesses or well-planned ideas). The mentor will help guide the mentee down the road of growth, funding, and where applicable, exit. Note: there is no compensation that will pass as it pertains to this Meetup; rather, the goal is for the mentor to give back to the community, and for the mentee to gain the benefit of wisdom from the mentor. The exact time commitment will vary. The goal is for mentors/mentees to be paired in a plethora of industries, from tech to services to entertainment. We currently have a core group of approximately 10 mentors, and are growing the pool.

Please note that our goal is to help you get paired with a veteran who may be able to provide advice and guidance to you. To that end, we only accept a small number of people who request to join our group, and once a pairing is made, we remove you from the actual Meetup. We are small, but effective. This group does not discriminate based on race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, or any other non merit based factor.

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