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We are a private group of families homeschooling their intellectually gifted children in the greater Los Angeles area. We lovingly call our group “LAuGHs” for short (with a mystery “u” which can be interpreted any way you or your children want!). Our mission is to help form long-lasting friendships with likeminded peers and connections between our gifted homeschooling families to support each other in this journey of homeschooling our gifted children, enrich the lives our families, share resources and organize gatherings like field trips, workshops, park days, activities and parent nights.

We are an inclusive and diverse group and we ask that you remember that we are all doing our best for what is right for our own children. We will have differences but if this group is to be successful, we will have a broad range of homeschoolers and unschoolers of all philosophies and differences whether religious, ethnic, social, intellectual, learning styles, abilities/exceptionalities, sensitivities or other beliefs or characteristics. When it comes to homeschooling in Los Angeles, our differences will be what makes us unique and strong as a group.


Prior to being approved for this group, you will be asked to fill out a membership application in the profile questions section of our Meetup. Don't forget to complete the membership application (a Google Form) if you are interested in joining us! We try to screen and vet membership for the benefit of all families in our group and appreciate your understanding.


Educators often see giftedness as an advanced capacity to learn. But, as parents, we all know that this is a very narrow understanding of giftedness. Giftedness is a unique neurological difference that stays with you all your life. Intensity, sensitivity and overexcitability are primary characteristics of the highly gifted, often classified using psychiatrist Kazimierz Dabrowski’s “overexcitabilities” framework. The further along the IQ spectrum these children are, the more intense they are likely to be.

The gifted child is more aware, more sensitive and more capable of taking in life experience and therefore, more vulnerable. No matter how advanced their intellectual understanding is, it is likely to outstrip their emotional coping skills because of limited life experience. Gifted children have astounding educational, social, spiritual and emotional needs stemming from their intensity and asynchronous development. Sadly, it is painfully common that gifted people, their families, teachers and medical professionals are unaware of the special emotional needs of the gifted. For 2e children (intellectually gifted and have learning differences or disabilities), the duality of their exceptionality can be doubly challenging for their families and themselves.

Resources on Giftedness and Homeschooling:

For more information about giftedness, please check out Hoagies Gifted (http://www.hoagiesgifted.org/). For more information about gifted homeschooling, please check out the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum (http://giftedhomeschoolers.org/) website and Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/GiftedHomeschoolersForum/?fref=ts).

Contacting Us:
If you have any questions about membership, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking on the "contact" mail icon located on the left side our Meetup homepage. We look forward to hearing from you!

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