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Play fun safe friendly indoor soccer!!!
Cost is $8. The cost of the courts increased to $60 per hour so we have to get serious about the money and signing up early enough so that we can decide how many courts we need so sign up as soon as you can. Let's grow this and keep it going! Everybody wants you to play and is hoping that you will show up! Sign up! Sign up! Sign up! - No cleats. Indoor soccer shoes with soft rubber nubs recommended. - RSVP closes by Friday night, so if we don't get enough people by then, we well unfortunately have to cancel the meetup for the week. Honor Code: Games are played based on honor system. It is important to remind yourself and your teammates that everyone in is here to have fun and meet new people. That being said, players should follow these guidelines: 1- There is NO slide tackling or diving onto the floor 2- The net on the sides of the field is considered out of bounds,as well as the white area of the walls. 3- When the ball goes out of bounds, STOP playing and wait for the throw to be taken. 4- Each game will be 10 minutes long. If you win a game and 1) There are 10 players outside waiting to play, you MUST leave the field regardless of the game outcome. 2) There are 5 people outside waiting, then winner team stays until they've played 2 games in a row, then they must step out. 5- Players will be rotated so that teams get mixed up. 6- Games are self-refereed according to the Honor Rule: any player may call a foul, and this first call must be respected and play MUST STOP. All skill levels are welcome! We encourage beginners of all ages to join our games for a fun meetup. Remember, this is an adult social meetup, so relax, have fun, and don’t be too serious! If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact myself, Noah or Kevin. Thank you all and hope to see you this Sunday!

Needs a location