What we're about

This is a group for Laravel developers to connect, exchange ideas and work on side projects together.

It is also a group for web developers that want to learn and use Laravel to build web applications.

Laravel is a RAD (Rapid application development) PHP web framework, similar to Ruby on Rails, that is enjoyable to use. It helps small teams or solo developers easily and rapidly build full featured web applications.

In this group we will learn the technical aspects of Laravel and how to use it to build and deploy project together.

This group is a back end web development focused group with emphasis on generating HTML pages on the back end using the Laravel Blade templating engine. However we will add touches of interactivity to our applications using Stimulus, a framework for organizing the small amount of javascript code that we may need in our projects.

We will not cover Single Page Applications, Javascript frameworks such as React and Vue or Javascript in general.

We will also not be focusing on CSS concepts and CSS design frameworks in general. For our projects we will only use the Bootstrap or Tailwind CSS frameworks that are geared toward developer productivity to rapidly add standard styling elements to our projects.

Finally we will also work with Docker for development and Digital Ocean for deploying our projects.

While it is not required that members be familiar with Laravel, this not a newbie focused group so it is expected that you will have at least some knowledge of PHP and web development to be able to understand Laravel and write code using the framework.

If you are not very experienced , you can check out laracasts.com (http://laracasts.com/) that has a number of free courses on Laravel and PHP web development to get you up to speed.

To get the most out of this meetup it would help if you have the VSCode https://code.visualstudio.com/ editor installed with the Live Share extension https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=MS-vsliveshare.vsliveshare-pack (https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/services/live-share/) to collaborate on code during our meetings. It will also help if you have Docker https://www.docker.com/get-started installed to be able to run containers for databases, etc. on your laptop.

We will help with installing the PHP, Composer https://getcomposer.org/ and Laravel Valet server components during the first few orientation meetups so we can on board new members easily as they join the group.

So bring your laptop and join us to get started on the path of building web applications with Laravel!

P.S. For the more ambitious, I have listed links to installing the Laravel Valet server for Mac, Linux and Windows platforms here:






Also you can experiment with https://phpdocker.io/generator to generate the docker compose configuration file for running database, cache and other supporting services using docker

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First meetup - Introductions and Orientation

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