What we're about

Liberating Structures introduces tiny shifts in the way groups engage, make decisions, and relate to each other. It democratizes conversation by redistributing the power dynamics once reserved for designated experts by placing it in the hands of everyone. So, join a community of like-minded learners.

At each meeting, you’ll learn how to:

* Experiment with conversations that matter.

* Transform and energize interactions to maximize collaboration.

* Be creatively disruptive while expanding connections.

We welcome facilitators engaging with Liberating Structures (at any level). Each meeting will include:

NETWORKING: Connecting with people working in diverse domains and welcoming LS beginners and experts into the mix.

GETTING & GIVING HELP: Responding empathetically to each others' challenges without over-helping.

LEARNING TOGETHER: Playing with Structures in order to gain competence and spread new ideas across many levels simultaneously.

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