What we're about

This meetup is, quite simply, for parents (together, separated, single) who have a special needs child (children) who are looking for, first and foremost, support from people who actually understand.

As a parent of a special needs daughter, my personal aim is to find people who'd like to talk about their situations in a way that can help uplift and motivate me, which I think most everyone reading this can understand. But I think it's also important to find people that have a true, personal understanding of what it's like in order to remember that we, and our children, are not alone.

I would also like to have compelling, productive conversations that could potentially widen my range of understanding of this kind of experience to better prepare myself and my family for the future.

And lastly, I believe it would be beneficial to also treat this meetup as a kind mini-break where you can relax in the company of fellow special needs parents.

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