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"Old school" meaning "the original Jeet Kune Do" based on Bruce Lee's presentation in the national TV series "Longstreet" aired in the 70's. Where he demonstrated the concept of "Jeet" or the art of the Intercepting fist. And it is the original style that he had created in 1967.

The bio of instructor Dr. Z:
Dr. Z, a veteran certified Jeet Kune Do Instructor, has been teaching the art for over 30 years. He teaches beginners, intermediate and advanced levels with detailed instructions leading to certification. He is a contributor to the Black Belt Magazine and was inducted into the Hall of Fame by the World Martial Arts Master Association and personally starred in and produced 13 martial arts films. Presently he offers a comprehensive training program in the art of Jeet Kune Do.

Our presentation will be both online (through webinar/zoom format) and live in the Los Angeles area.

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Los Angeles Old School Jeet Kune Do Meetup - Intro Live Training

This is our intro Live class for all levels, content to include:
1)To promote and preserve the original art of Jeet Kune Do as it was practiced by its founder.
2)We will provided a summary of our training program, from beginners to advanced level. We will provide training equipment, instructions as well as training videos.
All Jeet Kune Do enthusiast are welcome.
This will be a Live event. First class no charge.
If you RSVP, you must come. Also please provide your email. We will send you additional info.

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