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Seasteading LA/OC Meetup !

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Blue Frontiers is the company created by ambassadors from The Seasteading Institute, focused on creating seasteads.

Seasteads are floating autonomous islands on the ocean that can assemble and disassemble depending on individual preference. Economics and governance in these floating cities would be driven by the logic of the market. Those who provide services of governance would feel pushed to perform well -unlike governments in land- because, if not, their residents would float their house to another seastead.

Seasteads will be a Floating Special Economic Zones, which means that they'll have different regulations from the rest of French Polynesia; both for visas, labor code, fintech, etc. Decision-making processes in the island will be blockchain-based. Blue Frontiers is launching a token called Varyon. Varyon allows holders to exchange goods and services in the Blue Frontiers ecosystem, other ecosystems, and between themselves.

• What we'll do
Our Blue Frontiers and Global Seasteading Movement (GSM) participants meet up each month to build our community while sharing the ideas and inspiration that will help make floating islands a reality

• What to bring
No need to bring anything except an open mind and passion for making the world a better place

• Important to know
There is no cost associated with this Meetup. Drinks and snacks are available for purchase at the bar.