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FREE Traditional Witchcraft Classes & Workshops

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FREE Traditional Witchcraft Class and Workshop #1

Begins - Saturday, February 9, 2013

Time: 1:00pm until 5:00pm
FREE Traditional Witchcraft Classes with Starr~

Location: Private home in Littlerock/Palmdale area (1 Hour from Hollywood area)

For address to class Email: [masked]

Classes will begin February 9th and will be every Saturday there on until August 3rd.

Its recommended that you take all the classes in order to achieve the full wealth of knowledge offered. As the series will not be repeated.

This course is recommended for all levels.

This is a Traditional Witchcraft class.
We do NOT believe in Wiccan practices, this is Witchcraft prior to Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente. (2 Responsible for creating Wicca).
This is old world Witchcraft before their time.

This is to be a one time offering for those interested, as I am looking to move this year and this might be out of state. So now will be the time to take part.

Location: Private home - Littlerock/Palmdale area - Message me for address and directions

Located only 1 hour from Hollywood area

Its about $20 in gas (for round trip) to get here and back in a small 4 cylinder car.

Carpooling is already starting to be arranged.
Message me for carpooling info.

Email: [masked]

Classes are 4 Hours each Saturday.
Lots of valuable magicks to learn that can be applied for many things in life.

This is NOT your average Witchcraft class!

We will also be doing our classes as we regularly do offering Witches Training Camp outs open for class members.

Classes will be 2 parts the first half will be class for FREE and the second part will be a hands on workshop applying things we've learned.

This is a 6 month intensive FREE of charge Witchcraft course that will give those who partake tremendous insights in Tradition Witchcraft magicks.

Below is just a bit of what we'll be doing FREE of charge!

This FREE Traditional Witchcraft course will begin 2/9/13 and end 8/3/13.


This class has LIMITED number of attendance!

Please RSVP by clicking attending to be admitted.

STARR announces...

*FREE* Traditional Witchcraft Classes
When: Every Weekend
Where: Palmdale, California
Traditional Witchcraft Classes Beg. - Advanced
Event Details:

Come learn the olde ways of Traditional European Witchcraft for Beginner's classes currently being offered in Palmdale, CA. All classes will be with a Hereditary Traditionalist, passing the secrets of Olde Magicks to those who seek .

Classes are FREE to attend, as knowledge is a gift that should be passed without cost. This is the olde way, that those who seek to learn are given the gift of learning, without material funds or holds. No Witch should be incurred a cost to learn!

Classes and Workshop's will be on Saturday's or Sunday's

The classes currently, will be on Beginner level for those who are new to Craft, and the path of the traditional Witch. Each week will have 1 class offered in 2 parts with a workshop to follow. Workshops will be making or participating in activities taught from the week's class.

The classes will give each the knowledge of history and introduction, seasons and moon workings, herbs, oils, healings, energy work, Traditional Witches magickal items, wands, brooms, stones, earth magick, potions, sigils, protection magicks, removing bad energy, tarot, bone and seed divination, seasons of the year magicks, elemental magicks, spells and enchantments, new and full moon rites, Sabbats of the Olde Ways, magick spaces in nature, protected magick without circles, herb growing, work with Goddesses and Gods, color magick, kitchen witchery, seasonal foods, Witches magickal homestead, sheilding bad energy, creating Traditional Witches clothes, the importance of Grimoire and much more!


Potions, oils, candles, poppets, sigils, capes, brooms, wands, meditation, Grimoires, aura and energy work, seasonal items, herbs, drum circle, nature and ancestor spirit work, kitchen Witchery and Seasonal Feasts, Witches Garden and more!

These are the passed down ways of Traditional Craft, and are FREE to each that seeks to join us and know the ways of Olde.

Workshops 'with' materials (cloth for capes, candle making, Grimoire Making, potions, Herbs, oils etc.) provided are the only time where 'ANY' funds are asked by a Witch as these do cost to provide.

The workshops with materials cost are FREE to attend if any Witch wishes to attend and 'view' them if lacking funds for materials. There will be some workshops that are FREE too!

Classes at Intermediate level will follow after the Beginner Course.

Please contact us for the all the information to attend!

~*Return to Nature and return to thyself!*~

Event Location: Please email us for directions in Palmdale
Event TIME Details: Saturday's 1pm-5pm 2/9/13- 8/3/13.

Directions: Please email us at [masked] OR leave a RSVP to attend and I'll contact you about attending.

Please join the AVTWG below for the classes and materials and teaching shared online.