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Join us every Monday as we come together to start the week on a Spiritual note! We will send blessings to Cosmic Beings, Pray for Others, and do Group Hypnosis!!!

TO RSVP please go to my meetup page, - we already have 10 joining us this week - You could also text me as a way to RSVP at[masked], Laura.

(starts tonight but calendar didn't let me schedule for same day, just know we will meet tonight and every Monday night :)
First we will be sending 12 Blessings to the Cosmos and its beings, as given by Lord Jesus. Secondly, we will pray for others in our circle. These first items two should take approximately half an hour.

The last half an hour will be for Group Hypnosis/ Every week we will do a different area of life as stated below.

We will end up with a reading from Paramahansa Yogananda and a meditation that we can continue after we finish the conference.
Here are more details:

1. The 12 Blessings will be based on the book "The Twelve Blessings" by George King, but you don't need to have the book. I will guide you as we say the blessings.

"The Twelve Blessings" is designed as a potent spiritual practice for all serious students in these vitally important days."

We don't need to be part of the Aetherius Society or to follow its belief system to perform these beautiful blessings. I have been part of a 12 blessings group in the past, and I can't even tell you the blessings that come back to you and your loved ones, by doing this. This This selfless Love in expression... to get together to send blessings to ALL...

This first step should take approximately 20 minutes. If you want to skip it, just join the conference at 7:50pm

2. We will pray for others. We will create a circle and all in need of prayer will be placed in this sacred circle of Light. This should take approximately 10minutes.

3. The last half an hour, starting at approximately 8pm, we will do GROUP HYPNOSIS. We will rotate each week doing different areas of life.

1. First week of each month: SPIRIT: Remembering and Fulfilling your Life Purpose

2. Second week of each month: MIND: Becoming the MASTER of your Mind

3. Third week of each month: BODY: Creating and Maintaining Health and Vitality

4. Fourth week of each month: PHYSICAL: Manifesting Wealth and Financial Success

5 Fifth week (when there is a fifth): ASTRAL TRAVEL: Traveling to the Other Dimensions

Lastly, right after the Hypnosis session, which should last most of the half hour, we will enter into meditation and continue by yourself after we end the conference. We will read an excerpt from Paramahansa Yogananda's book as we enter the meditation.

1- You join by conference - which means you call a specific phone number and enter a code. I will email you the number and code the day before the conference. The conference begins at 7:30pm each Monday and lasts an hour.

2. This meeting $5/ and if you attend regularly, I would ask that you pay a month at a time, to facilitate the accounting side of things. Please pay either through my website OR a check, please. No cash.

6. Just before you join the conference, make sure you are in your 'special' place such as in front of your altar or simply in a quiet place. You may light a candle and invoke your Masters of Light, your Angels, your Spirit Guides. For the HYPNOSIS part, best is to lay down on the floor.

7. We follow a very detailed structure for the meeting. I lead it and there are times when we all pray together. If there are new participants in any given week, I will make sure I give a bit more instructions.


I do appreciate the exchange of energy- I spent a few hours every week just on this teleconference, planning it, scheduling it, making it happen, AND following up by downloading recordings and changing my website every week to reflect the archives. Normally I would charge lots more for my time, but I'm experimenting by asking for small exchange on your part.

If you have any special request for the HYPNOSIS portion, simply email me or text me to tell me what the request is - I will try to fulfill your request, especially in the week that is more appropriate according to the schedule of topics above.

I look forward to having you join us every Monday,

Lots of blessings,

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