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Braingasm! Featuring astrologers Nick Dagan Best and Austin Coppock

Hosted by Los Angeles Area Pagans & Witches Network

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Where the Esoteric Sciences meet the Empirical Sciences.

An intimate evening where brilliant minds converge.
Featuring two excellent speakers, each illuminating a peculiar facet of human thought. Think TED Talks ... only cooler.

Tickets are $15 in advance / $20 at the door

Doors open at 9 pm, presentations begin at 10 pm.

The topic for this, our maiden voyage of Braingasm is Astrology.
We are fortunate to have two of the most innovative, young voices in this 4000 year old field of study.

Among the evening's presenters is Austin R. Coppock.
An astrologer and writer living in San Francisco, Austin is widely known for his writing under the pseudonym Baron Samadhi.
He graduated from Antioch College with Bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy and Psychology, and once upon a time seemed well on his way to an academic career. However, disillusionment with ivory tower approved methods of approaching reality led him down a different path. This road involved years of training in internal kung fu, initiation into sorcerous currents, and a growing awe of the precision, beauty and power of astrology. Today Austin works as an astrological consultant, teacher, writer and speaker. He has an international clientele and is noted for his rare fusion of pragmatism, vision and insight.

Also on our bill for the evening is Nick Dagan Best of Montreal, Canada.
Recently published in the compilation entitled, Astrology of the New Generation edited by Nan Geary, Nick is counted among the rising stars in contemporary Esoteric Science and has earned the moniker "The Human Ephemeris." Since 1999 he has been developing an extensive database of natal and event charts for various historical subjects that now totals 40,000 pieces of data. His recent presentations at the International Astrologers Conference in New Orleans provided ample opportunity to demonstrate the historical patterns revealed through the astrological perspective.

Your host for the evening is Forest Nui Cobalt, a professional occultist in Los Angeles, CA specializing in Astrology. She created Braingasm as a means to curb her insatiable craving for intellectual stimulation.

And for your aural pleasure, MP3J Sark (Ground Control, Nemesis, Straylight) will be spinning tunes that get our neurons firing!

This is a presentation of the Cobalt University of Esoteric Arts and Sciences.

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