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Shaman Journey Questing for CLARITY: Inner Sight, Clairvoyance & Remote Viewing

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Inner Sight, Clairvoyance, Healing and Remote Viewing are natural talents you were born with. Your family likely trained you to follow the Family Blueprint - and out of following your own heart and instincts. Not to worry - with a little practice you can easily reclaim your abilities.

The truth is - we all know everything. Anything you can question - you can discover. So questions are very important in Soul evolution - and Clarity is a Shaman talent. To be 'present NOW' is to be 'aware' or clairsentient - feeling and sensing the truth of What IS as it IS. Discover it for yourself...and your world changes.

Explore alternate realities - and journey into other realms... and discover your own unique 'knowing' and 'sensing' and use your talent to connect with your guides and power animals.

See how to practice and strengthen your 'visioning power' to see what is 'there.'

Develop your ability to 'feel' what is right for you - and to read the soul symbols that assist you in developing your own unique inner compass.

Only your own language works best for you and over the 5 weeks - you will explore and find a 'construct' that allows you to Journey and find answers to your most pressing questions.

Through practicing 'Hollow Bone' healing - you find your own connection to Source or Life Force and can then tap into healing and balancing energy for yourself and family. In practicing 'healing' your own talents and sensing strengthen.

We will explore the Morphic Field of "Knowing" and use the ancient practices to gather information and shapeshift into other spaces and dimensions. The Native hint at this practice: "...walk a mile in anothers moccasins before you judge..." is an invitation - to do just that. Real compassion and freedom comes from working in the NOW and the truth of What IS.

Once you are familiar with Journeying and creating Morphic Fields - it is clear that we are linked into a web - and energetically connect with All That IS. In that heart-centered space we all know everything. Everything. Anything you ask - is answered. Consciousness is what you want to know and subconsciousness is everything else. The limit or 'dividing' line is your Persona or personality chatty mind.

There are 3 rings Pass-not that limit KNOWING:

1.) The Persona chatty mind and obsessing on data

2.) The Family Blueprint you inherited - in your blood or DNA

3.) Trauma you experienced in childhood that set your habits in motion

As we open to the power of SIGHT - we clear and heal and move out of the vibrational range of the old data. This process is the ONLY protection there is. After all - Life is a MIRROR - and what you experience is originating from within you. There is no way to defend against what you are calling to you, right? But the solution is simple: stop doing that. It takes practices - but the results are MAGIC.

Remote Viewing is a new term for clairvoyance and often refers to double blind topics that several 'view' and then compare data - with an 'unknown subject' -- It is fun to practice and convinces the skeptic in us all - that this stuff really works.

Far more useful - we'll work in partners to send and receive information over the weeks and discover how we personally 'sense' data. The biggest benefit is the discovery of what IS and what is NOT YOU - and then you can stop or disconnect other data energy that is interfering with your field or aura.

If the thought of 'knowing everything' or 'seeing' alternate realms feels fearful - it is normal.

After all - we were scolded for 'spacing out' and for 'telling an inconvenient truth' as kids.

AND - the burning years and attempts historically to stop people from following their own Inner Guidance - left much fear in the DNA. Habits from our families and early life may be operating "unconsciously" and limiting your ability to feel safe, to see What IS, to receive love - or healing or abundance - from others.

The power to break free of the fears is hidden within you. Do you know how to journey within and unlock your limits on finding your own heart-path? Can you find your own answers? Now is the time. Changes and chaos seem to be rapidly increasing for everyone - and without access to your own wisdom - how can you make good choices quickly? Most cannot and seek guidance outside - often from "readings" or books or advice from others. The truth is - ONLY your own information can lead you to the life you seek.

For centuries Shaman have explored the inner realms and discovered their own power to link into their guides, power totems and their Tribal Council for help, guidance and forces that assist in lining up desires with the Flow of Life Force.

The practices are simple and use tools you may know, like the 4 directions, elements and animal guides. Do you know how to develop your own inner language and dialogue with your guides - and get results?

When seeking Clarity and Vision or Sight - we are looking first to ourselves - and our inner limits. Life is a mirror and outside - your experiences are only a reflection. To make lasting changes for the better - we find, release and change the resistance to Knowing, to love, others, authority or money - both giving and receiving. Then we can we experience trust and safety - and the support we need to thrive.

The inner realms - or alternate realities - are vast and complex.

It is easy to get lost and confused and not be able to see or use the information there for you - to your advantage. Change it.

Learn how to build a compass of your own interior landscape and journey with an ancestor or power animal and retrieve the information you seek.

The purpose of the "journey" is to develop your own personal language - and to be able to use it and get results. The directions become a compass - and your experiences become the guide posts that reveal your personal powers.

Explore your Inner Realms and discover a method you can use to get results. It's been used for centuries and it works. The process is simple: We set up a path and image... and then Quest for a Vision - we let go -- opening to the Mystery and "what shows up." We explore what it means to you and how you can use it. We anchor that knowing into stones and objects and build a medicine bundle.

Life is a mirror. What you experience is a mirror of your Inner Heart center and over-all feeling tone or resonance. It is not a secret - look around. That's it. How to change it is easy too - just takes practice. Your medicine bundle is a mirror of your inner world and heart-center. Whatever you place in the center - becomes the focus of change. Change is a constant - it can work to your advantage when activated in this way.

We'll meet for 5 weeks - Thursday nights at 7 pm for a 7:30 start and end about 10 pm with food to share after.

Food is a gift and blessing for the ancestors and guides - and good to reward yourSelf too - it is the 4th step and is the closing of ceremony.

Each week you will build your awareness of your own inner process and how to talk to your guides - and Soul-self.

As you ask for opportunities and insights - they begin to happen - and when you act on them - everything changes.

At the same time you are exploring the 4 realms of power, you are developing your own personal system of guides and gathering information to use in your life in all areas.

Solving problems and making decisions becomes easy and quick once you have a working knowledge of the Shaman Vision Questing practices.

You will develop your talent for sending and receiving information - working with others.

You will also work with several 'healing' practices and the energy and 'Morphic Fields' of Knowing. Shape-shifting is a quick and easy way to gather lots of information - and to release and let go of it too.

We begin walking the Red Road of Life: the East - West axis. This is the continual balance in life between our Yin and Yang selves. When we are out of balance - we attract others who are too. Begin within and discover what and how you are creating the world you experience.

1st Week: Explore the East - and the place of Man - the Yang power within each of us to seek and find information. Build the medicine wheel and medicine bundle as the basis for making changes and Viewing what you want to experience.

Learn the healing power of the Sun and yourself as that vibration and resonance. Meet with the Eagle, hawk or condor. We'll Journey into the Upper World and explore the Path of Knowledge. It is through the power of Yang/Male that we find answers, clarity and illumination. Explore the Vision of Eagle and the power to take action.

2nd Week: Explore the West - The place of KNOWING - of Woman or Yin power within each. Working with the Morphic Field - and the medicine bundle and the element of Water we Vision the path of healing. Align and 'shape shift' with Bear, cougar, jaguar or lion energy; journey into the middle world of relationships and life as you experience it here. The path of the Shaman is one of transformation and transfiguration... the alchemical lead into gold. It is the place of the Yin/Feminine attracting power - to be Silent and KNOW. From experience, we clear out - and then retrieve the power to dance your dream awake. It is here we "receive" and allow good things to flow to us... magnetically attracting what we want to experience. When you are in balance - both Yin/Yang - then you can attract others in balance too.

Next we explore the Blue Road of Spirit: the North - South axis. Only when we return to the innocence and trust of the child - can we find love. From this foundation - we are able to step into becoming our Self in balance - and then Vision our own leadership in the North.

3rd Week: Explore the South - where all our relations reside - and Earth Mother. All things come from the Earth - and grow from within - and out into life. That mystery reveals how to live with others in beauty and abundance. Play with coyote, rabbit, parrot, and Hyoka spirits and journey into the Lower World of the shadow self, ancestors, karma and healing the blood and old wounds. Explore the path of the artist, musician, mystic, yogi and spiritual truths. It is here you learn trust and innocence - only then can you find love and connect into the Knowing Field.

Ho 'Oponopono is the power to release limits - and that allows us to venture higher and deeper than in the past. Power always comes when called - and amplifies all of our life. Only in clearing out the limits and fears can we be assured of not activating them. Freedom to move forward depends on our willingness to release the limits and fears holding us back.

4th Week: Explore the North - Work with the Winds of Change and the powers of Buffalo, deer, elk, or caribou. What limits your Vision of leadership and claiming power - the life and love you desire? Find and heal the old wounds and open to your potential. Discover your path - chief, healer, wise elders, hunter - those who lead the people. Journey into the Inner-most realms and activate your luminous or light body of attraction. Here we "wake up" and activate the pineal, pituitary and link them to "High Mind." Clarity becomes a natural talent - and one we can call to us anytime.

The final 5th Week works with the cross-roads and the Family or Ancestor Tree - turning the mundane into the extraordinary. Learn to SEE the energy and use the medicine wheel to answer questions and to walk with your ancestors, guides and call-in your future self. Set you desires in motion and draw to you a partner or friends - others - in harmony with you. We'll create power symbols and imprint them - then release them to the Winds of Change and allow Fate to return our dreams to us.

Do you know how you ended up where you are today?

Discover what's in the way of your living the life you want: the secrets in medicine ways have been used for centuries to change the life you are living - into the life you want to live.

The first step is seeing the problem - then changes are easy. The Medicine Wheel is a tool for transformation when it is combined with journeying and exploring alternate realities and clearing limits. Make it a Power Spot in this way.

Only you can unravel your own mystery, what happened, and how to change it. If you find the truth - then your insights will open the door to a destiny that fulfills you. If you continue to live in confusion - it is not likely that you'll be able to move forward into the world you desire, right?

Your natural state is All Knowing - abundant and happy -- and in good relationships. Journey and explore the Inner Realms and alternate realities - and find it. If you're experiencing limits, fears or worried about offending or being offended -- then your habits of thinking are the problem. Those fears and anxieties are NOT EVEN YOURS. You inherited them from your family and ancestors. The same is true of not receiving abundance and even of poor health.

If your logical mind is full of fear or worry - you likely believe that there IS something to worry about out in life. There isn't unless you look for it and then find it. There is no fear out in life - it is all in the mind. Developing your Inner Sight makes that CLEAR.

Fear keeps the kitten from finding home and crying may attract danger.

It is very easy to stop those habits that program your experience for failure.

Once you see that the brain stores ALL negative emotions (and events) and IGNORES THE POSITIVE - you will see how to switch the brain into creating more of what you love.

Shaman Ways use the Medicine Wheel to lay out a picture of what is happening inside you - so that you can change it. Once you see the problem - you can stop it.

The brain stores negative experiences to keep you safe and avoid them.

The fact is: Life is a mirror and what you feel is what you get more of. If you feel worried - you get more to worry about. Switch to Seeing your strengths - to feeling safe and abundant - and opportunities are all around you. The story you tell yourself - and others - is defining you. It may be limiting your options and keeping you from succeeding.

Work in the Inner Realms and changes happen quickly.

Go WithIN or Go Without.

All wisdom comes from being centered in the body/heart.

The Shaman begins with an idea - a question or a desire -- and then follows the Great Mystery to discover the solution. Discover and practice how to develop your instincts and body wisdom so that you can rely on your insights. Trust your inner knowing - FIRST - on important issues --and guide your own creative path from within.

Each night begins with drumming and Calling In: the experience of - and overview of - the Medicine Wheel as a key to Wisdom.

PLEASE BRING DRUMS, FLUTES, RATTLES, SINGING BOWLS. A drum circle opens up your heart-mind-body and frees your spirit.

Time: 7 pm to 10:00 p.m. Please arrive early (7 p.m.) and help set up the circle -- be a part of forming the circle and setting intentions, the opening prayers and the drumming circle.

Bring snacks, salad, food or fruit to share -- and water or a beverage. Tea and water are provided.

Cost: The workshop fee is $100 for 5 sessions or $25 each.

For more info: Malibu Shaman

For an overview of the Solar Seasons: Solstice and Equinox -

RSVP and I'll send directions.