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Shaman Magic & Journey Within for Your OWN Power to Transform Your Life

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Looking for changes for the better? The power is hidden within you. Do you know how you ended up where you are today? Discover what's in the way of your living the life you want: Use the secrets that have been used for centuries to change the life you are living - into the life you want to live.

The first step is seeing the problem - then changes are easy. The Medicine Wheel is a tool for transformation when it is combined with journeying and exploring alternate realities. Make it a Power Spot in this way.

Only you can unravel your own mystery, what happened, and how to change it. If you find the truth - then your insights will open the door to a destiny that fulfills you. If you continue to live in confusion - it is not likely that you'll be able to move forward into the world you desire, right?

Your natural state is abundant and happy. Return to Nature and find it. If you're experiencing limits, fears or worried about money, then your habits of thinking are the problem. Those fears and anxieties are NOT EVEN YOURS. You inherited them from your family and ancestors. The same is true of poor health.

If your logical mind is full of fear or worry - you likely believe that there IS something to worry about out in life.

There isn't unless you look for it and then find it.

There is no fear out in life - it is all in the mind.

It is very easy to stop those habits that program your experience for failure.

Once you see that the brain stores ALL negative emotions (and events) and IGNORES THE POSITIVE - you will see how to switch the brain into creating more of what you love.

Shaman Ways use the Medicine Wheel to lay out a picture of what is happening inside you - so that you can change it. Once you see the problem - you can stop it.

The brain stores negative experiences to keep you safe and avoid them.

The fact is: Life is a mirror and what you feel is what you get more of. If you feel worried - you get more to worry about. Switch to seeing your strengths - to feeling safe and abundant - and opportunities are all around you. The story you tell yourself - and others - is defining you. It may be limiting your options and keeping you from succeeding.

Work in the beauty of Nature and changes happen quickly. The Ocean is a perfect location to refresh and restore your energy. The Season is shifting into the Fall and the Fall Equinox on 9/22 begins the long journey within. Find your balance now and work with the powers in the West to assure a good outcome.

Go WithIN or Go Without.

Practice easy methods to open to your heart-mind (5,000 times stronger resonance than the brain). Your heart is the source of the feelings that become your life experiences. Changes in your heart center change your life very quickly. Now create an image of your inner experiences - in a Medicine Wheel "alter" that is mobile and available to assist you. These practices work quickly - and have been used for centuries.

Ocean Magic

Nature and beauty have the power to transcend pain, trauma and fear - and heal quickly. The Ocean is a Power Spot - combining the elements of Life: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. You are 95% water - a drop of the Ocean out "walking around." Water is the creative force in Life and so are you. Access this method and turn on your power to create what you choose.

Shaman Journey with Grandmother Ocean

Experience your natural connection to the Sea... and to sea creatures - feel your birth and changing, moving from the water world to the surface world of life. Find the Ancestors or power Animals that can guide you to prosperity. Find and use the resources deep within you that connect you to the creative power in water - and use this connection to create abundance and vitality in your life now.

A Power Spot

Locate the places that resonate to you and gather up the elements to make a Power Spot in your home. Add in the gifts you receive from the Ocean and activate the power when you need it. An alter keeps the "medicine or magic" active and useful. Discover how it works.

Joyful living and abundance are habits you choose. Fear and limits are bad habits you can learn to release from your life using the Hawaiian Huna Wisdom.

Knowledge is power. To transform your life, you must see clearly What IS as it IS. Only then can you make wise decisions. Create a new lifestyle of abundance in this way.

Grandmother Ocean, the power of Water, and the Ancestors are support -- all ready to assist you to accomplish the miraculous. Are you accessing the fear of your ancestors - or their strengths? Your call. Shaman's secret: What you "feel" is what you get.

The day begins with drumming and Calling In: the experience of - and overview of - the Medicine Wheel as a key to Wisdom.


Bring something to sit on (we'll have a cover blanket on the sand)

Time: 1 pm to 4:00 p.m. Please arrive early (1 p.m.) and help set up the circle -- be a part of forming the circle and setting intentions, the opening prayers and the drumming circle.

Bring snacks, a sweet treat or fruit to share -- and water or a beverage. We'll feast at the Thai restaurant across the street after the workshop.

Dress in layers- and a sun hat - often colder early - but never know for sure in Malibu what will happen… but the weather for each gathering has been good.

We will cover a great deal of "experiencing" quickly - so that you are connecting into the Shamanic experience of an active Medicine Wheel. Missing 30 min. is missing a lot.

Cost: The workshop fee is $25 or $40 for two people.

For an overview of the Solar Seasons: Solstice and Equinox - ...

RSVP and we'll share cell #'s so everyone finds the North end of the beach easily.

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