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If you like using your camera to tell stories, this is the group for you! Photojournalism, Documentary, Street. The work our group is interested in is "Nonfiction Photography." We don't think much about creating "fiction" with models, products, studios, or lighting. We are about being there when human beings do compelling things.

DON'T BE INTIMIDATED! You don't need to be a working photojournalist to join this group! The only thing you need is the desire to use your camera to tell stories. Like other Photography Meetups, we love seeing a great photo. But for us, one great photo isn't as important as a series of "good" photos that come together to tell a story that means something to you and the people you photograph.

Your "Photo Story" might be about your Saturday Hike, Your Kids Playing Games, or some interesting group you're part of or that you heard about and would like to learn more about.

What's important is that you find something real and meaningful in front of your lens. It might be your kids baking a pie. Or, like Lewis Hine (1874-1940) it might be children working in factories. Or, like Nan Goldin (1953 - ) it might be at home with your friends playing around. Not many of us will find our way into the Oval Office like David Hume Kennerly (1947 - ) did, but compelling things happen in every house: The White House, Nan Goldin's House, and Your House. Grand or simple, public or private, our focus is on real human moments.

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#2 - Get Your Gear Out

NBC Seafood Restaurant

Our group features members with every level of experience: from “just got my first camera” to seasoned professionals. We have people who are hungry for knowledge about their camera, or the exposure triangle, or composition, or finding compelling subjects. And we also have people with lots of experience they can share. So let’s have a fabulous dim sum breakfast in the most Chinese city in America, Monterey Park, and then head down to Runaway University (Glenn‘s house) for a festival of all things camera and picture making. 10 am NBC SEAFOOD You can join the gang for dim sum breakfast, or optionally skip this part and just meet up at Runaway University later. We’ll have food, talk photography, and enjoy the morning! 11:30 - head a few blocks south on Atlantic Boulevard to Runaway University NOON - RUNAWAY UNIVERSITY (Glenn’s house) 1320 S. Atlantic Blvd Monterey Park, CA 91754 Bring your camera! Bring your lenses! Bring your flash! If you’re interested in doing video you can bring your microphones & gimbals too! And most importantly… BRING YOUR QUESTIONS!!! If you know stuff, try to help people! If you have questions, ask them! We’ll do our best to help everybody get up to speed on anything they want to know about. We’ve got lots of space at Runaway University, and you can do some shooting around the campus to try out anything you’re curious about. You can also optionally throw 10 pictures on a USB memory stick or a camera memory card and bring them along. We can put those up on the big screen and take a look at some of your work. NEXT TIME Once we've "Gotten Our Gear Out", next time we can "Put Our Thinking Caps On" and come up with small or large photo story projects to work on!

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LA Women's March 2020

Colburn Cafe

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