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Real intimacy creates real deep love. It provides great comfort and happiness to both lovers. How can we personally relax, connect and benefit? And how do we share best? Although you are already experienced what can you learn from one of the best sexologists in Europe? Intimacy is a skill and everybody can learn and experience it. This workshop shows you how to connect with your true self and find out what you really want out of a relationship and sex. It brings awareness and presence into your desire and encourages you to live it. Barbara Jansen brings her many years of experience, assisting men and women achieve greater pleasure, to America! Through her proven techniques, personal experience and story telling, she provides you with the tools you need to help you achieve greater pleasure and become a better lover. You may have thought you “knew it all”! Barbara has a ‘special’ way to bring out the best in you. And she provides you with useful feedback on how to bring out the best in your present and/or future partner(s). She lightens the mood, providing a safe, comfortable space for all women or men (each group separate) to be themselves, share their stories, ask personal questions and learn from each other. You are guaranteed to learn more than you currently know and have lots of fun and laughter along the way. Are you ready to get more out of life, have more pleasure? Are you interested in learning how you can have pleasure in all different fields of your life? Or take what you presently know to even newer heights? Honestly, you deserve to have greater pleasure!

Join Barbara as she shows you the "Art of Pleasure"!