LA East R Users: Creating custom vector classes with vctrs & Python for R Users

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Talk 1:
Speaker: Jesse Sadler (@vivalosburros), Loyola Marymount University, Department of History
Title: vctrs: Creating custom vector classes with the vctrs package

The base R types of vectors enable the representation of an amazingly wide array of data types. There is so much you can do with R. However, there may be times when your data does not fit into one of the base types and/or you want to add metadata to vectors. vctrs is a developer-focused package that provides a clear path for creating your own S3-vector class, while ensuring that the class integrates into user expectations for how vectors work in R. This talk will discuss the why and how of using vctrs through the example of debkeepr, a package for integrating historical non-decimal currencies such as pounds, shillings, and pence into R.

Talk 2:
Speaker: Sylvia Tran (
Title: Python for R Users

The switch from Python to R or R to Python doesn’t always feel natural. In this talk, Sylvia will help draw some parallels and leave you with a high-level cheat sheet for how to do the following using pandas and scikit, learn without having to get into the low-level weeds of Python object types.
a) light data cleaning / standardizing features
b) train-test-split
c) pipe your data into a model
d) evaluate model performance

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6:30: Socializing
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8:00: Socializing

Room 115/116
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