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I have been immersed in the world of Rumi for over 3 decades and for the past two have been sharing his wisdom with anyone seeking a more profound meaning to the mundane life that we normally experience. In these meetups, I share short modules in terms of stories and anecdotes to frame the poem that we will read together. We start with the beat of the poem, its harmony and rhymes, the meaning of each word, and work our way up to the wonder that is contained therein. From there your soul can take you to a connection to the infinite and a fundamental awakening.

We will together read, digest, and be inspired by one or two poems by Rumi. They will be read in the original Persian to give you a feel for the beat, rhyme, and harmony and then translated into English staying true to the word as much as possible. We will go for a journey of spirituality, dance, celebration with the hope to be awakened in the world that Rumi painted in over 3000 poems in the book of Shams.

Come play.

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The Shoreless Sea

Rinconada Library

Remove the Barriers

Lewis and Joan Platt YMCA East Palo Alto

For the love of the magical painter

Downtown Library

Rumi's awakening words

Rinconada Library

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