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Dim (Disciplined Initiative to better Myself)

Why does Dim matter?

It doesn’t matter what gender you are, what ethnicity you are, how much money you have, what kind of education you have, how successful you are, where you live, how you live, what political beliefs you choose to hold, or any other characteristics you have that define you as part of any kind of group, because in the final analysis, you are an individual, and all individuals want to be better and feel better. The truth about bettering yourself is that only you can will yourself to do it. This is a harsh reality, often isolating, but it’s a harsh and isolating reality that must be accepted with conscious-vigor if you truly want to begin the LIFE-LONG process of being a better individual.

What is Dim?

Dim is a community for individuals who want to commit themselves to the life-long, personal initiative to, simply put, continuously better themselves and help others do the same. I believe that every single moment in life is an opportunity where you get to choose to either better yourself or not better yourself, be a victim or not be a victim, and I am relentless in staying hyper-aware of this perspective and holding myself accountable at all costs. It takes discipline, routines, community support, and sheer willpower to wake up every day with the mindset that you will make yourself better than you were yesterday. . . And that's what I want this community to be about.

Primary aspects:

- Weekly meetups

- Defining visions for our futures

- Goal setting - daily, weekly, monthly, yearly

- Having people to hold you accountable

- Having support from like-minded people

- Making friends who care about your well-being in a much deeper way

- Stimulating discussions about anything engaging

- Meeting people who understand the immense struggle of life and know that we are not perfect, but in spite of that, STILL want to do everything we can to better ourselves with discipline, honesty, and accountability


Optional suggestion of something to think about before the first meetup:

What the mission statement of your life?

The mission statement of your life is a brief reminder of the core values you want to maintain on a daily basis and how aiming to maintain them will contribute to the betterment of yourself as an individual throughout your entire life (like a business). Your mission statement shouldn’t have anything to do with material things. It should reach a much deeper level. You have to be brutally honest and think about yourself as objectively as you can.

Why bother?

Think of your mission statement and keep it in mind. Now, deeply explore what you believe the best-case scenario could be if you act out your mission statement every day, then deeply explore what you believe the worst-case scenario could be if you fail to act out your mission statement completely. Do that and you’ll very quickly realize why it's critical to do your best to continuously remind yourself of your mission statement at all times, reminding yourself that you are on the positive path of self-improvement.

Fundamentally, I want this meetup to be a community for anyone who wants to improve themselves and help others do the same.

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