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Did you fall in love with someone who has kids and found yourself in the land of unknown? Were you blindsided by the changes that shifted in your life because you just didn't know what to expect? Well, I did too so you are not alone!

I left my high paced, intense corporate job to focus on my health and personal life and it just so happened I met the love of my life a month later. The one new element, he had a young son. His son was a delight and we got along really well from the start. So when my partner and I discussed our relationship felt it was moving towards marriage, and he asked if I would want to move in together, I said yes. I gave up my house on the westide of Los Angeles to move to their home so it would be easier on his son (less changes). I knew moving to east Los Angeles was going to be hard as it would be far from my friends and everything familiar...especially the ocean. :( But I was optimistic I would adjust, find new community, friends, etc. But before I could event get my my boxes unpacked, sh*t hit the pervirbale fan. The ex-wife. That was one thing I hadn't factored in.

I was blindsided with things I couldn't have ever imagined. How coud I have?
I had never been in this situation before and sometimes I had actually heard of people getting along really well in co-parenting situations. Not this one. Even though she was remarried, she was not ok with shoe being on the other foot. But thankfully, our love was strong and our desire to figure it out was too. So we went on to build our family dynamic the way WE wanted to and started figuring out how to navigate the challenges.

When they say "it takes a village" it applies here too. Community is how we come together to learn, support, swap ideas and find the joy in our sometimes challenging situations. It is amazing when I meet another stepmom who totally gets what I'm going through and I didn't even have to say much! While no stepmom situation is the same, it is a unique role be in and really, like many things, you can't fully understand it's impact on your life unless you are in it.

If you would like to meet other women walking on a similar path, navigating blended family situations, challenging exes, custody schedules and the like AS WELL AS building their own unique family identity and loving partnership/marriage, let's meet up! I will facilitate different topic directed conversations as we get to know each other and plan to have speakers come in to help with topics directly related to blended families. Look forward to meeting you and supporting you on your courageous journey!

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