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AFFIRMassage! New Awesome White Tantra Practice, Free Outdoors Gathering*~*<>*~*


Join us for this FREE nurturing, supportive, group activity which creates bursts of celebration within & deeply releases patterns from mind, body & spirit!: In groups of 5 or 6: One person lies down on a massage table (fully clothed), requests support for whatever they most need & want in their life right now, --then other 4 people therapeutic massage them simultaneously while saying Positive affirmations (or Positive, Non-Violent-Communication’, ‘New Thought’, ‘Law Of Attraction’, Agape-style affirmations) --which celebrate them & support the manifestation of their request. Then they get up & give while 1 of the other 4 lies down & gets their turn to receive. Done with some New Directions & Techniques in Massage Therapy, easily taught each time (though still a wonderful practice to do without these new techniques!). Getting a massage from 4 people simultaneously with the new directions, & especially with Affirmations, is an experience of support beyond what many people ever experience in their lifetime that is received deeply on many levels by all participating & continues to nurture, support, & unravel bursts of celebration & epiphany within, --long after the experience. It’s a terrific practice & group activity to learn to share at any gathering of friends & community; & especially before physical activity, or facing life’s challenges. Learn it & share it with your community!

A few easy massage techniques for people with no experience in massage, & ways to massage without tiring or straining yourself, are shared. Participants need to be willing to give as much massage as they receive; & comfortable giving & receiving massage from both genders. Affirmations can be improvised, people do what is comfortable for them: new & old exercises & tools for creating, cocreating, & sharing affirmations, are also be taught. You don’t have to understand it all, & people pick up a lot from listening to others who’ve been doing this practice awhile. In our daily lives & over the years we absorb so many messages into our bodies, minds, & spirits –from media, people, culture, etc around us, –a lot of which we’re not fully aware of, & many which deeply affect our patterns of living, well-being, & how successful we are at manifesting our dreams; & which deeply affect not just us, but the lives of those around us & the world. Community Gathering ~*Outdoors*~: A bunch of folks from all backgrounds/beliefs (from various positive practice communities), --getting together to support each other , celebrate life, & help each other be aware that we’re all a part of, living & breathing in – a positive natural stream of infinitely powerful beauty, wonder, abundance & love; & own & claim that truth & let it shape the world.

Today includes some activities teaching different ways to create, cocreate, improvise, share, & receive Affirmations: Usually the gathering will be shorter, with just some quick info/demos for 1st-timers, but this gathering & the next 1 or maybe 2 gatherings will offer a more extended workshop. ***It's still fine come as late as 4:00pm & just wing it ( later than that you can drop in but there may only be time for you to give & not receive). Fine to drop-in but RSVP always appreciated :) BRING: water; hat; sunscreen; snack if you need it; comfortable, flexible clothing. ~*<>*~*<>*~*~*<>*~*<>*~

~*AFFIRMassage is centered around the wisdom & practice of focusing on positive thought & intentions, sharing only positive energy & actions. The friends & communities hosting this page *Celebrate* this focus, & are devoted to it.*~

...So often we are unaware how we communicate from, & to, the body: The natural evolution of affirmations, is to include our bodies!

Though this practice can be done sedately, the new directions provide an opportunity for this to be gentle, but good aerobic, muscular & range of motion exercise :) We encourage you to attend the gatherings we host a handful of times to learn the full practice with the new directions, so you can pass the whole experience on to your communities. *Gifted to the community as part of a collaboration between The Center for New Directions in Massage Therapy, & various other Positive New Direction Centers that are part of The WHIMSYUM Future Studies Institute (…gifting New Directions): a community of outside the box peers cocreating a positive ‘NOW!’: ~*<>*~*<>*~*~*<>*~*<>*~*

***WHAT ARE POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS?*** ***WHAT ARE POSITIVE, ‘Non-Violent-Communication’, ‘New Thought’, ‘Law Of Attraction’…) Agape-style AFFIRMATIONS?***

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