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Legalization Network-Building - Ongoing

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We need to work on organizing information and generate an action plan. It would be nice to work on a legalization tool kit that people could take to their community groups and city councils to help educate individuals. We also need to have a petition that people can sign to support city chickens.

Here are some items for our action plan:
1. List existing codes for cities that allow chickens
2. Create a pro/con list for city chickens
3. Create a frequently asked questions list
4. Chicken facts list (such as a chicken can lay between 100-300 eggs a year)
5. Video of chickens in action (scratching, eating, dust bathing, laying eggs)
6. Video of people saying their support for chickens
7. Create a petition in support of city chickens and urban farming
8. Create handouts for the community

There is a site that one of our members found that is a good starting point for us.